Thursday, 28 May 2015

My heart aches

Dogs don't really care for cats do they?
Cats love to tease dogs don't they?
I think I've mentioned the black and white neighbourhood cat that comes by to tease BrownBerts.
He would sit on the back garden wall, and wait till Brownie saw him and then make himself very noticeable by stretching or sauntering across the wall.
He also had a habit of sitting in the middle of the street outside the front gate where he could be seen in all his glory and make Brownie go crazy with barking until I would shoo him away.
He was a nuisance but he made sure Brownie's life had some excitement every day.
Yesterday evening I heard Brownie barking and barking and barking at the front gate....I paid him no attention at first because I was gardening in the back, but when he kept going on and on and on, I decided to stop what I was doing and go and see what was happening that had him so irritated.
There by my neighbour's car, sat the black and white cat looking terrible...I think someone has thrown a chemical on him....he can hardly see and his hair is mostly gone.
People are so cruel.
This evening I saw him lying so still in the water course next to my wall, that I thought he was gone, but when I called him, he stirred.
I came inside and mixed up some meat sauce and bread and threw it over the wall for him, talking to him all the while, telling him how sorry I was that he had been ill treated.
He managed to eat and then moved away into the safety of the covered section of the water course.
I asked Brownie not to bark at him any more, he doesn't deserve it, and you don't kick a man when he's down.
I will check on Mr. Black and White Cat in the morning....I hope he makes it.


  1. How despicable can people be? A rhetorical question of course because humans have no bounds to their cruelty. It sounds from your description, though, as if death would be a merciful release for him.

    1. Black and White Cat was still here this morning and I gave him a sardine breakfast.
      I called the RSPCA Ambulance for him, but he neighbour down the street has also taken up the cause for a dignified release from this world for him....will keep you posted.


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