Saturday, 30 May 2015

So nice we did it twice

The first plant swap that I attended with my new pals on FB Barbados Garden Lovers was such a resounding success that we had to have another one.
It was so nice that we had to do it twice!!
Today was the day for our second time around plant swap.
Held in Queens Park (I will write a post on this beautiful park soon), we met up at 9.30am.
Boy oh boy, there were much more plant enthusiasts this time around, and everyone seemed to have brought a gazillion plants to share.

Yesterday I had spent some of the day digging out more of my rogue helconias....

.....with the help of you know who.

I also cut back the Polyscias along the front wall.....
....and took those cuttings along to the plant swap as well.

Makes a beautiful hedge once it fills in.

All kinds of plants at the plant swap.

A lively group of like minded folks who were willing to not only share their plants but also tips on how to propagate and care for them.
Living in various parishes on the island, we all had some valuable nugget of information to share.
As you may imagine, I came away with lots of new babies, some of which I lost over the will be nice to have them again.
Thank you ladies!!!

This drought that we're experiencing is not helping either...I have to be very careful with all my newbies before planting them into the earth....which is parched and remains cracked and dry no matter how much you water.

I hope the rains come soon....see my crispy brown lawn in the photo above (#4) if you doubt me.


  1. I missed this. Well I'm losing plants this year, Virginia, because of too much rain. Some of the alpines like a well-drained soil and mine was up to a point. However there is not an un-soaked inch of ground in my garden at the moment.

    1. Oh dear GB, sorry you're going to lose some of your plants.
      How I wish the weather could be balanced out so we would both get what we need....I could surely use some of that rain that you're having.


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