Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Merry Month of May

The Very Merry Month of May is over.
I can't believe it, where did this month go?
So many things have happened that I haven't posted about but need to be documented, since this blog serves as my journal as well.
May 1st was my usual Swap and Tea Party, and wouldn't you know it, I have no photos to share, how weird is that?
The photo above is the day empty centrepiece made from microwave plates I collected from garage sales, and one was given to me by my friend whose funeral I attended recently.
I used  dessert glasses with stems between the layers and applied them with Elmer's Tac & Stik to hold them in easy to take apart for storage afterwards.
My girlfriends and I chowed down on Lemon tartlets, mini cupcakes, marshmallow pie, sandwiches, veggie samosas, coconut bread, conkies, tuna bakes, apple cobbler, and a few others that I don't remember right now.
The swap was lovely and I ended up with a few herbs for my garden, veggies, a battery operated motion sensor light, glass vases and some beautiful glass stones.

The day after the swap my tv (smart????) refused to come on, and after googling the problem I asked my techie friend to swing by and check it out.
All you need to know is that the "hidden" power button which works as the override when the remote doesn't work could not be found by yours truly...but yet there it is big and bold on the left of my friend's hand.....say nothing...I won't hear you.

Mid month, Beast was scheduled for his annual road worthy checkup at my friendly mechanic.
He may be an old boy (Beast not my mechanic) but he still works great.
Needs a new paint job and a few new parts but will still get me from point A to point B safely.
Image borrowed from Earthsky
Saturn, the ringed planet was also remarkably visible this month (22nd-23rd).
Earth passed between the planet and the sun which would have made the planet the brightest it has ever been and viewing would have been perfect all night long.
My poor telescope was so far amongst other items in storage that it was a bother to take it out, so I didn't get to see it up close.

I did have an open invitation to view at the Observatory but I just couldn't deal with the crowds.

There was also a strange day on the 27th, one I shall refer to as The Day of Flies. Had no idea where the flies were coming from or how they were getting into the kitchen since the windows are all screened.
Another girlfriend told me she had the same thing happen to her a couple of months ago.

We took a friend who is leaving the island after pursuing her studies for a year at university to dinner on Friday night....we are going to miss her.

My fat mahi mahi fish fingers with a delightful in-house tartar sauce.
We had a lovely evening.

Of course Mr. Brownbie is still ruling the roost and being a good boy.

And so we say goodbye to The Merry Month of May 2015.


  1. I'm just back from taking The Nighthawk for it's annual safety test. I still think of it as my 'new' car but it's just passed its 11th birthday. Don't speak to me about 'hidden' power buttons. I had a similar problem recently and only found it after consulting the manual. I saw Saturn earlier in the months when a friend said it was the space station and took a lot of persuading otherwise. All in all May was a strange month and very, very wet and cold one here.

    1. Well Beast is way way older than 11 years, but he just keeps on giving and going.
      The hidden power button incident is funny because my techie friend had told me over the phone to run my hand along the edge of the tv and I should find it...but I didn't find it...when he came by and showed me that BIG button I was in total could I have missed that?
      I'm glad May is over, now it's on to our special month of June...yeah!!!

  2. I love that photo of Brownie lying there with a bunch of toys - obviously exhausted from too much playing. Gosh your spread for the tea sounds fantastic - what a good idea that is.

    1. Brownie and his compadres usually make me smile.
      He looks after all of them by biting and licking each and every one, but then he just simply lies down as if he had a hard day at work and sleeps surrounded by them...
      I put them away in a basket and soon he has them strewn over the floor which makes walking through the living room like a mine field...but....I don't mind....once he's happy, I'm happy too.


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