Friday, 17 July 2015

A little wiggle

Yesterday was a nice hot day, vivid blue skies and a sun beaming down like there was no tomorrow.
I had promised a friend to run an errand for her in the city, and even though it took me away from my intense summer cleaning and maintenance, I made my way downtown.
Early arrival always means I can find a free parking spot, and that was meant too that many shoppers had not hit the streets either, and that was better, and it also meant that the queue in the bank was short....and that was the BEST!!
After completing my errands and making my way back to Beast....I saw this.........

A local store chain was having a promotion in fine style.

I love horses, so I had to stop and get a few photos.

C'mon get the top up and let's go for a spin.

Don't I look fan-tab-u-lous!!

Strike a pose!!

Headed to my next stop, I listened to an all music station which I enjoy, since it plays mostly music from when I was growing up.  Singing while traveling takes away the sting of waiting in traffic, at least for me.
Arriving at The University of the West Indies, I saw all the staff members standing around outside.  We've been bombarded for the past few weeks by public sector strikes (including my friendly sanitation workers) so I thought that the university staff had decided to join the other union workers to strike as well.
I approached a pleasant older lady and asked her what was going on....she told me that a second earth tremor had just occurred.   
I had felt nothing.....nada....not even a little wiggle....I guess I had been too busy singing along at the top of my voice and dancing while driving to notice anything.

The link below will tell the story.


  1. Oh gosh. I was used to the earth moving in NZ but I hadn't really thought of it moving in Barbados. The photos are lovely.

    1. Usually the epicenters are further away, but this time it was closer...we've been told to look out for more.
      Glad you liked the photos...what on earth did we ever do without a camera phone?

  2. That was a bit close for comfort! So very thankful it was nothing more.
    What a beautiful horse - and lovely photos.

    1. The horse was a cutie...I just had to stop and take a few photos.....glad you liked them.


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