Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Bon Appétit

A bright beautiful morning....a morning to have a nice breakfast while sitting and relaxing on the patio taking in the view.
Mornings like these surface every once in a while and I am thankful that I am blessed with eyes to see, reasonable health, and a hearty appetite to enjoy good down to earth food.
I had a hankering for some easy peasy pancakes out of the box smothered in syrup.

My sidekick also had a hankering for pancakes, and so it was.....pancakes were on the menu.
 Mixing the batter was a quick task and pouring it into the hot pan was a no-brainer.
 In two minutes the pancakes were ready to be devoured.
As I watched Brownie "yam down" his syrupy pancake pieces I couldn't help but laugh.
Then I laughed louder as it made me remember the last time we had pancakes for breakfast.
A few weeks ago, daughter dear had paid me an early morning visit and I fixed her a breakfast plate of pancakes and sausages as well, since that was the menu for that day.
As usual Mr.BrownBerts would eat his portion hurriedly and then stare you down for another piece.
Daughter dear gave him a morsel from her plate and he stood there looking at it with disdain.
"Mum, how come he doesn't eat the pancake I gave him?" she asked.
I looked over at the piece she was referring to, and immediately saw what the problem was.
Can you guess?
Yes, it was a plain old piece of pancake....no syrup.
I went over and dribbled a little syrup on to the pancake and it was immediately wolfed down before we could say "Jack Sprat."
"I can't believe how spoilt he is, imagine he refused to eat it because it had no syrup...really!" she cried.
"Would you eat it without syrup?" I queried.
"No," came her reply.
"Then why should he?" I asked
"He is just spoilt, spoilt, spoilt" she said.
"Hey watch your mouth, you're talking about my boy!" I replied.
Brownie sat watching us both with a grin on his face.....I kid you not.
Me?  I enjoyed my pancakes too!.


  1. Your daughter's right you know, but beautiful dogs should be spoilt. I've been having porridge for breakfast over winter and Missy gets the last couple of spoonfulls tipped into her dish. I get stared at while I'm eating my share every morning too.

    1. The thing is, I don't spoil him intentionally, it's just the way I love him.
      Missy is one lucky gal to have porridge for breakfast.

  2. It is the job of a canine or feline friend to stare one out while one eats. After all, without that constant stare there is a danger you might forget them and eat the last mouthful yourself. As if!

    1. I hear you CJ...."we should all learn to share" is what Brownie's eyes say to me while I'm eating and he's staring me down.
      You must be missing your two lovelies back at home....I'm sure Jo is skyping them in to the Isle of Lewis on a daily basis.

  3. Haha, I suppose a little sugar is not bad for dogs as long as you take them for a long walk to work it off!

    1. "Moderation is the key" was one of my Mum's favourite sayings and it's so true.
      "A little bit won't kill" was another of her sayings, and in this case Brownie totally agrees.

  4. My favorite pancakes have chocolate chips in them! Yum!!

    1. Chocolate chip pancakes sound yummy, but alas, dogs can't have chocolate so I don't make any.

  5. Well as a savoury person rather than a sweet one (if you get my drift) perhaps that wouldn't be my favourite breakfast. However I do love lemon and sugar (for the crunch) on pancakes occasionally. I'm not sure that Mr B would approve of that.


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