Tuesday, 28 July 2015


On Saturday during my jaunt I bought some lovely veggies from a delightful gentleman whom I met on one of my stops.
Butternut Squash and Carolina Sweet Potatoes
I also purchased a bag of ripe tomatoes especially for daughter dear....she loves tomatoes.
Sunday for lunch I made a stir-fry of all the veggies I had on hand, especially those that needed using up.
Sweet potatoes, Pumpkin, Okras, Kale, Green beans and a tin of Channa (Garbanzo beans) mouth-wateringly seasoned to perfection.
A closer look
Stir-fried veggies served with garlic cheesy twisty twirly pasta and a bowl of fresh salad of romaine lettuce and watermelon.
It was sooo GOOD!!!
Sometimes the simplest meals taste so good......and the leftovers taste the bestest!!


  1. My staple soup is butternut squash and sweet potato (I'm used to calling it kumera as it is called in New Zealand). I have grown an excellent kale crop but it's a vegetable I'm still not very familiar with.

    1. I wish I could come by and procure some of your lovely kale.
      It can be steamed like any other greens...I usually add pieces of ginger to the water below the steamer pan which gives it a delightful taste.
      You can also make kale chips. Tear the kale pieces from the hard stem and toss in olive oil (or other oil you prefer), salt and pepper. Spread on a baking sheet and bake till crisp. (About 15 mins) Turn the pieces over during baking to make sure all sides are baked.
      They make an excellent tv watching snack.

    2. Virginia I've tried making crisps a number of times without success. I've had them and they were wonderful. What heat do you have the oven at?

    3. Here is an excellent article on making terrific tasting kale chips.
      I also use 250-300 degrees in my oven and slowly bake.

    4. Let me know how they come out for you.

    5. Thank you. I shall give it a go - perhaps this evening - and I'll let you know how things turn out.

    6. Sunday evening: I tried out the recipe and 'Bingo!' The almost perfect crisp. Why only 'almost'? I over seasoned some of them with peri peri seasoning so they are a bit more hot and salty that I would have preferred. Thank you very much Virginia. Once more you have helped me out.

    7. So happy that it worked for you this time around...low and slow....low and slow.
      I have to check out peri peri seasoning....sounds interesting.

  2. Replies
    1. It was soooo GOOD....wish that computers had smell and taste programs installed.


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