Friday, 24 July 2015

A New Home

Last Friday when I took Mr.BrownBerts for a quick check-up at the vet, I was stunned to find a spanking new veterinary clinic.

Gosh we had not been to visit our vet friends for a few months, and to find them operating in a new building and fully settled in, was a BIGGG surprise!

The new veterinary building of the RSPCA

Baby what a BIGGG surprise!!!

Spacious Reception Area
New office or not, we received a warm welcome as usual.
Well-lit corridor with doors to The Surgery, ICU, Staff Room and Accounts.

Examination Room
Brownie had his nails trimmed and his anal glands checked.

I was in shock and I think Brownie was a bit surprised too.
He recognised his vet Dr. Huey, but yet he was a bit unsettled in the new surroundings and therefore had to be muzzled to have his nails trimmed.
"This little one doesn't usually behave like this" the vet remarked after my boy started snapping...."not like him at all."
The office was quite busy and I snapped these photos as best as I could between clients.

Dogs of the World

The Kennels and Animal Enclosed Area

New building, new chairs, new reception area....but....the friendly old staff were still there....thank goodness!


  1. The place looks really nice, I'm sure pets will have to get used to the new environment. Greetings!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Blogoratti.
      I had a peek around your blog....very nice.
      The new RSPCA vet office was a long time in coming, but as my Mum used to say, "Nothing ever happens before its time."

  2. That dog wall chart looks fascinating.

    1. Yes, it's very informative. Of course Brownie would be represented by two dogs since he is a mix of two

  3. After nearly 40 years our vet moved to new premises a year or so ago too. Not that I go there now.I'm sure Mr B will soon get used to it although I hope he doesn't have to go too often.


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