Thursday, 3 September 2015


Recently we've been experiencing the drought of all droughts.  Yes, we did have a few rain showers but nothing to write home about.
Naturally with a drought of such epic proportions, the heat has been unbearable.
By early morning (6am) it is steamy and the heat does not go away after sundown.  Days of unbearable heat and nights of sweating profusely in front of the fan driven breeze.
It's awful and everyone is complaining.
I try to make sure that Brownie is comfortable since his body is covered in hair and  I'm sure this makes the heat even worse for him.
His panting scares me a bit because it seems as if his body is overloaded when he pants as if he's ready to drop down with heat exposure.  No more days of throwing Big Blue Rat for him to chase because I don't want him exerting himself unnecessarily.
The garden is suffering terribly, my outdoor chores are non-existent, so are the indoor chores for that matter.
It's just too hot to do anything....I can't even think for the heat.
I worry about those construction workers who have to bear the heat to get their jobs done in the outdoors.
Darn, it's 6.18am as I write this and I am HOTTTTT!!!
My friends and I have been having the most animated conversations about the heat, some too crude to mention here, but suffice to say that the ladies are now "panty-less" most of the time and the guys are showing off their physiques in the buff as they strut around their homes doing whatever it is that guys do.
After one of these animated conversations with one of my guy friends last night, he sent me a Whatsapp message with the image below.

Makes a whole lot of sense to me really does.


  1. Hope you get some good rain soon to break the heat. It can really sap your energy, can't it.

    1. We have been lucky thus far to be spared an active hurricane season....even though we have had a few rain showers, outside remains dry and hot.
      Like you said the heat can really drain your energy.

  2. I feel for you Virginia. I love the heat but I couldn't stand that. I don't know many people who have been happy with their weather this year. Everything seems to have changed. In France they have had 40ºC. Here we have had one of the worst summers on record since April. I have had my heating on in August and now it's September it's been on every day. There have been hardly any days since April when there hasn't been some rain. Hopefully the world will return to some sort of normality fairly soon.

    1. Yes the weather worldwide has changed drastically and you know what kills me....some folks still believe that we humans are not responsible for this over the top climate change.
      Sounds as if you're experiencing drastic weather changes where you are too.
      I wish the weather would settle back down, but I've been told that this is perhaps "the new normal" from here on.


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