Thursday, 3 January 2013

A visit to "the country"

I received so many invitations for "get togethers" throughout the season, that some were impossible to attend (sorry friends, I'll get me a clone next time!)

I visited one of my girlfriends last Sunday who lives in "the country", in the parish of St. Joseph, which is located in the east of the island, and is a fair drive away.  We sometimes refer to areas like these as "up behind God's back."
(a distant rural place way-out in the countryside.)
However, the drive out was scenic, and with the lush vegetation recently caressed by falling raindrops, there was much to admire.  With so much beauty all around us, we were "ooohing" and "aahhing" quite a lot.  We have the same plants in our gardens back in the city suburbs, but ours could only beg to compare to the ones we saw on our ride.  This part of the island is hilly and therefore much much cooler, and the plants THRIVE exceptionally well.
It's always nice to drive into the country where the folks are friendlier, and they wave as you go by, and shout out "Good Morning!" or "Howdy doo!"
I was accompanied by two of my other girlfriends, and we chatted away as we drove along the winding country roads, avoiding folks, and animals too, that chose to walk out in the road.....I carefully avoided them (since I was the one driving) was their territory so to speak, so it was no sense cussing at them...besides it was Sunday, and I don't cuss on the days that end in "y".
Up another hill, and down a next hill, and finally we were there.
Each visitor to my home always tells me I am lucky to have a view like mine, but I love the view from my girlfriend's patio.

Hilly St.Joseph parish is prone to landslides
The grey exposed soil area is after a recent soil slippage.
This part of the island is partial to soil erosion.
The Soil Conservation Unit which is attached to The Ministry of Agriculture  is responsible for areas like this. 

What a view! Lots of green vegetation, with a sliver of sea in the distance, it is just paradise.

Yes, there are monkeys living in the vegetation just beyond the grove of coconut trees.
This gang of marauders gives my girlfriend lots of "grief" too, since they steal and destroy all her planted vegetables and the fruit from her trees.
I had been planning to give her Brazen and company, but she declined my offer with a "Thanks, but no thanks!"
We had a lovely morning, and soon it was time to go, but we will be back soon....we love visiting in "the country".


  1. I love the countryside but I don't like to be too remote. That may sound odd from someone who lives on a remote Scottish Island and an equally remote part of a remote country like New Zealand. I suppose it is odd for me to say that but in this modern world in which I live nowhere that I live is as remote as it sounds and I have all (or at least most) modern conveniences such as travel ability and communications. And I don't have monkeys raiding my garden!

    It's good to get an idea of the other parts of your Island and what you regard as remote and to see the lush countryside.

    That and hearing about my friends' exploits is what makes blogging worthwhile and enjoyable.

    1. Truth be told, St.Joseph is not "remote", just a bit far out for me to drive. The island is only 166 square miles (21miles long x 14 miles wide), so technically no distance is far...we arrived at my girlfriend's home in about half an hour.
      Her home is filled with all the latest gadgetry, cable, hifi, highspeed internet, the works.
      Another truth be told, she has more of the newest gadgets than I not remote at all.
      I love both of your "homes" which seem to be away from the maddening crowds, but yet not too far away.

  2. Isn't it strange how the further away from cities you go the pace of life gets slower and people seem more friendly. It looks like a piece of paradise.

    1. Definitely a nice place to get away from the stressful hustle and bustle of the city.
      There are lots of seaside cottages along the coast of this parish that the locals rent for weekends and special occasions when they want to get away...I may even end up doing that this year.


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