Sunday, 18 October 2015

All is mine!!!

Just like us humans, animals have the funniest antics, especially our beloved family pets.
Speaking of beloved family pets, if you want to see something funny, try taking away Brownie's dish that's been sitting there for a while with ends of chow remaining.
Don't try this while he is licking it clean.
Mind you the dish may already be empty and sparkling clean, but woe betide if you try to take that dish before he's finished licking it to smithereens, you're in for a bellyful of laughter.
It's a theatrical production worthy of the Canine Carnegie Hall stage.

Brownie you don't want that leftover chow do you? It's been sitting there for ages.

Of course I want my's in my dish isn't it?

I said I want it....leave my dish alone.

I'm not going to let you take it away from me.
Here he is blocking my hand in a defense move that would make any sports coach envious.

You can't get it!

No have to move me.
When he throws his body in a protective mode over the dish, there is nothing I can do but burst out laughing.

Over my dead body!

After this ritual of pretending to want the chow and not eating any, he lies down keeping a close eye on me and the dish.

In two minutes he's sleeping and dreaming......

.....and dreaming and sleeping as the cool air from his fan caresses his body.
It's a dog's life. 


  1. He has his own fan! There is nothing quite like the companionship of a dog.

    1. Yes, he has his own fan....don't know how else he would survive with all his hair in this heat.
      Our companions need to be comfortable too.

  2. He's so cute. Who needs a dishwasher when you've got a dog. Sometimes I think they just like the memory of food, because the bowl has been licked so clean there can't possibly be any smell or taste.

    1. The cutest thing he does is lick his paws thoroughly after a fishy lunch....sometime after that he can be seen licking and smelling his paws to recapture the enjoyment of the meal.
      He could win the Guinness World Record for licking his bowl they have world records for dogs...gotta check that out.


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