Friday, 16 October 2015

Lola Boo Girl Update

Today I have news about my other favourite bow wow who lives in VA with my girlfriend Ellise.
You remember my sweetie pie Lola Boo, don't you?
Remember that bad dog incident?  Well thankfully she's all better now.

New chairs have arrived at the household, however they are now made of leather and poor Lola kept on slipping off as she tried to climb up to take up her prominent spot on the back of her new favourite chair.
Yes, her mummy laughed at her efforts......but............
She finally made it!!

As you can see she is still ruling the roost....Go Lola Go!!


  1. One of my dogs likes to sit in the same spot. She reminds me of a little goat! :o)

    1. Tammy you made me laugh.....yes one of those climbing mountain goats is a good similarity.
      I'm beginning to think it may be the dogs in VA that love to do


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