Thursday, 1 October 2015

Ginger Lilies

Guess you're wondering what I decided to plant in the side garden bed after removing the rogue heliconias?
I knew I needed a plant with lush foliage that had beautiful flowers....long lasting flowers pretty enough to take to the graves of my loved ones.
My decision?  Beautiful tropical Ginger Lilies.
Thanks to my girlfriend Joyce I was able to get some baby plants.
I planted three, white and red.
Pink Ginger Lilies

Pink blooms

White Ginger Lilies
 White Blooms...tiny now but will be gorgeous when big.

 The baby plants grow right out of the mother plant stems...plant them just as they are...the old dry flowers provide nutrients for the soil.
They tend to die if you plant them in a tidy manner by removing the old dry flowers....ask me how I know.

Red blooms

The good old reliable red ginger lilies....they look a bit ragged at first but then they settle in quite nicely.
I am happy with my decision....can't wait until I'm able to saunter out to the garden to cut fresh blooms and create lovely memorial bouquets for my loved ones.
This is the fourth time I'm recreating this side bed..... I hope these lilies will be well behaved so that we will continue to have a lifelong friendship....fingers crossed.


  1. I had some white ginger plants one time. I loved them and they smelled divine. I have 3 plumeria plants that I have coddled for years, dragging them inside in winter and dragging them outside for the summer. One year they started blooming inside before I put them out in the spring. I kept them inside and they bloomed and scented the room almost the entire summer. I expect they grow into trees in Barbados and bloom year round!

    1. The white gingers I have are not like yours...yours smell heavenly and die back and come back again.
      Years ago, I had some of those in my garden...maybe it's time to plant some again. I can imagine how delightful your room smelled with those blooming inside.
      These ones I have carry no scent and are perennial plants.

  2. These will be beautiful! These are very expensive houseplants here.

    1. Yes they are beautiful....had no idea they were sold as houseplants since they live outdoors....very interesting.


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