Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Kindness Bus

In my life the wheels of The Kindness Bus go round and round, round and round all the day long.
My friends tell me that I'm the conductor of The Kindness Bus and they're just going along for the ride by following my lead, but that's not true....we all give and share freely all the time.
My neighbour down the street gifted me with a large avocado and several bananas during the week.
I ate the avocado pronto, but as for the bananas, they tend to upset my asthmatic tendencies, so I can only eat them baked in a cake or bread.
And....that is exactly what I decided to do....bake a nice banana bread to share.
In my pantry I found a Yellow Cake Mix and a box of Banana Muffin Mix...lovely.

I mashed the bananas in a bowl.

Added the eggs, vanilla essence, milk and oil according to the package directions and mixed everything together with my trusty hand mixer which I've had for eons.
Greased and floured the baking dishes and filled them with the yummy mixture.

The two dishes were placed in the oven to bake at 300 degrees for 50 mins.

No need to ask who was in control of the items above.....

I couldn't wait to taste the banana bread.. ....I even forgot to take a photo after they were taken from the oven.
The photo above is what's left after I shared one with my kind neighbour and some with my daughter.

Spaghetti with cheese-filled meatballs, Corn, Steamed Veggies, Plantain and Garlic Bread.
Yes, The Kindness Bus had stopped outside my house again....daughter dear came by with a lovely lunch that she had prepared...don't mind I had to finish it off....I had to cook the spaghetti, fry the plantain and bake the garlic bread!!!
I didn't mind at was yummy, yummy yummy.


  1. I like that: the Kindness Bus. I shall use the term. It's stopped at my house many times even, on an occasion, being driven by far away you. See, I never forget a kindness.

    1. The Kindness Bus is a term that I came up with after I started to write the post about kindness going around and around....I kinda like it has a nice ring to it.
      Some of my kindnesses I don't even remember, but folks insist on reminding


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