Thursday, 15 October 2015

I'm bringing lunch!

I'm bringing lunch!!
What does that mean to you?  I'm sure it means the same thing to you as it means to me.
When someone says "I'm bringing lunch!"  then a full lunch is expected.....right?
Yesterday when daughter dear said those infamous words above "I'm bringing lunch!" it meant that once again only a part of the lunch was would have thought I would have learned my lesson from before about expecting a full lunch....but nooo!!
In she sauntered with bags of semi-prepared items and placed them on the kitchen table.

"All you have to do is fry the fish and the plantain and steam the veggies," she said with a big smile that lit up my heart.
So said so done.
While I was preparing the food she playfully stood around taking photo after photo. 
"You're the best mommy in the world!" she said mockingly.

I didn't take a photo of our delicious lunch but the menu included:
Basmati Rice, Fried Marlin Steaks, Fried Plantain, and Fresh Steamed Veggies.
It was really GOOD!


  1. Oh that sounds great. Both my daughters live in other coutnries, so a lunch with them would be a dream come true.

    1. Wow maybe all three of you could Skype in and cook a meal together...that would be fun and who knows they may surprise you one day and show up with a fully cooked

  2. HI Virginia, Sorry I have been out of touch. I got a 6 month job working overseas with limited internet and no blog access. I'm just home for 3 days but back for good at the end of the month. The computer man here thinks he has fixed my access problems. Fingers crossed.

    1. Hi Marisa, I was about to msg you and check on you and the bow wows.
      Nice to know that you're okay and that you were away with your job. I know that means we have some interesting posts to look forward to.
      Hope you get your computer and internet access sorted out....fingers and toes crossed for you.


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