Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Breakfast for two

I have been trying as hard as I can to have a breakfast of oats at least every other day to help correct the cholesterol spike that showed up recently.

The man of the house (you know who) waits patiently while I prepare breakfast.

Breakfast for me and breakfast for Mr. BrownBerts.

Look at him go!
Boy that was GOOD!!
Let me put on my best begging face.
Please Mum, may I have some more? 
(Oliver Twist impersonation here)

She's ignoring my request...two can play at that game.
(Note how clean the empty dish is)

Don't worry he had a second helping when I did as well.


  1. Porridge or muesli? I rarely eat porridge these days even though I love it. I eat a lot of muesli though. It's amazing what our four-legged friends will eat.

    1. Just regular quick cooking oats GB.....they cook in 3 minutes. I add a little sugar with a bay leaf to the water and stir in just a little bit of milk at the end. I sometimes have it with fresh fruit.
      Brownie never touches his portion until he sees me's like a prisoner making sure he's not being poisoned, so he always eats after he sees me eating.
      I have an aversion to muesli after I saw some creepy crawlies moving around inside a bag in a store.
      I do love my Oats N Honey granola bars though.

    2. Creepy crawlies in the muesli! Thanks. I really needed to know that......

    3. Sorry about that GB.....but just be careful when you are eating the vigilant.

  2. He is such a sweet boy. Missy often gets the last couple of spoonfuls of my breakfast tipped into her dish.

    1. Happy to see you Ros, I was wondering how you and John are doing.
      Missy and Brownie are kindred spirits....or is it us who are the kindred spirits since we treat our canine friends like family?


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