Saturday, 28 December 2013

I had a mouse in the house

Smart little bugger he was too.

He had been throwing his weight around upstairs for a little while.  Ignoring the mouse traps all laid out for him with mousy delicacies.

In the blink of an eye, plantains freshly purchased from the store were given a taste before they could be put away.

Taking a six for a nine he was.

This mouse was smart....VERY smart.  He knew how to avoid being caught.  He knew all about traps and bait it seemed.  He knew that they could prove to be his demise.

Not a nibble of the cheese nor the said plantain pieces that I placed on the traps were taken.  Yes, I said traps....there were five of them to catch the "cute little mouse."  (Not my words.)

My girlfriend advised me that a local company sold tasty banana glue board traps.  Called the company up to get a price, and then set off to buy a few.  Arrived there to be told that they were out of stock.  Why could I not be informed of this while I was making my inquiry, I have no idea.
Back home to ponder the problem.
Maybe I should borrow my neighbour's cat to come by and take care of the critter.

I went online to google how to catch a smart many options....I had no idea.
Did you know that the mice of today are really smart, and not only I, but also thousands of other folks worldwide are having the same very problem?
All kinds of foods are used in the traps: peanut butter, gravy, chocolate, raisins, cheese etc.
You should wear gloves when setting the traps since the mice could smell the "human-ess" on the traps and avoid them....WOW!!
Peanut butter was the number one food that they loved apparently.  Since I really wanted to get rid of this critter, I mixed up a batch of bait and peanut butter and carefully smeared a few samples on the traps.....and waited.
And nothing......

I could hear him laughing at me from his hiding place. I could hear him singing Elton John's "I'm still standing...yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!"

Okay, time to bring out the big guns.  Back to the hardware store to purchase the new and improved mouse trap.
I kept on hearing the words of a saying in my head, "Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door."
Yeah, I was beating a path to the hardware store's door alright.

The JAWZ modern day reusable mouse trap along with two LARGE sticky traps
Like a surgeon I set both traps meticulously with my gloved hands along the areas that the critter had been observed in the upstairs kitchen....
I checked the traps every day hoping to find my quarry, and everyday I tentatively peeped at the traps......but alas.....diddly squat.
I was at my wit's end, and to be honest I had had ENOUGH!!

I went upstairs and had a "cuss out" with Mr. Mouse and told him to "get to stepping" (get going/move on) or else.

My friend CJ over at Rambles from my Chair treats his mice as guests....I can't afford to do that here....they get too cozy and then they bring all their friends and family to live and enjoy the comforts of my home....just ain't happening here.
A few days  after the "cuss out" my nose picked up a scent, and I do believe that he had passed on to mousey heaven at last.
About time!!!
Now to locate the carcass and get a move on with my life.
Yes, about time!!!


  1. I arrived back in Eagleton after one of my 6 months in NZ only to find my garden shed completely overrun with hundreds of field mice. I love mice. Like, you though, Virginia not in my space. Sorry. Since then I have set traps each year and ever since then a couple have been caught and that has been the end of the story. I agree that by far the best thing to use on a trap that I have discovered is peanut butter. I'm glad your problem has been solved anyway.

  2. Wow that must have been a great surprise to find so many mice inhabiting your space after your return....not sure how I would have handled that scenario. In my mind I can see a garden shed all ablaze.

  3. We have mice in our kitchen right now, too, that have been eating the peanut butter right out of the traps. We caught one with an old fashioned snap trap, but I'm pretty sure there are more. But you can't blame them for moving into your warm, cozy kitchen. ;o)

    1. Oh dear, I hope you manage to get rid of them soon.
      My Mum was good at setting those old-fashioned snap not so much.
      Since when did mice acquire a taste for peanut butter anyway? They have really evolved haven't they?
      Smart, smart, smart.....did I say smart?


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