Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve blooms

I was dreading leaving home and getting all caught up in the Christmas Eve rush, but alas, I had to leave the house after all.
I needed to purchase fresh flowers for the graves of my Mum, Mums, and also my brother.
It was necessary to leave home as early as possible and return home early to start my food preparations for lunch tomorrow.
Off I went to one of the floral wholesalers on the south of the island.
I like to use red and white blooms in my festive floral arrangements to remember my loved ones who have passed.
I had called ahead to make sure that the flowers were still available, but I knew that with all the last minute hustle and bustle traffic my arrival would be after 9am, when lots of folks may be shopping as well.
However, my timing was great, and it was an easy in-and-out purchase.

The wholesaler has a large cold storage room where all the beautiful imported blooms are held.
It is cold....cold....cold......brrrr.
I had to put on a thick thick padded jacket before entering the cold room.

The flowers seemed to love it though.

Red carnations - just what I was looking for.
It's so frosty cold inside the room, the photos are blurry.

Safely home and awaiting their debut in my floral arrangements which will be completed on Boxing Day.

Here are some beautiful orchid blooms at my friend's Shop that are enjoying the sunshine-y weather....enjoy.

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