Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Day Lunch Preparations

Every year I am told that I will have some help preparing the Christmas luncheon (well at least on the years that we are having lunch at home), and I always believe the words of the person that utters them.
Don't get me wrong, there were a few years when I did have some help in the kitchen, however minimal.
I like to start early, since I like to eat early.  The person that insists they want to help likes to sleep late, so is nowhere to be found (except in bed) when I saunter into the kitchen to get started at 7am.
After attending Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve night, my somewhat sleep-deprived body is still up and ready to go at it's usual time.
It's no problem though since I operate well on my own.  Some of the menu items were prepped in advance and items like the red snapper and the chicken just needed to be placed in the oven to bake.

Red Snapper Fish seasoned with local seasoning and stuffed with dill, thyme and marjoram after marinating in lemon juice.
Nice tender chicken with new potatoes in the Roasting Pan before being placed in the oven.

I am not a pork-eater, but I know that Brownie enjoys a slice of ham.  I remembered I had made a special visit to the supermarket to purchase a small ham shank for my boy.  When I asked the butcher behind the counter for one ham shank, she asked me if I only wanted one. Told her yes, I only had one dog.

"For your dog?" she cried aloud, "My goodness, what next!"  She just wouldn't understand, so no use explaining to her.  Thanked her, paid for my purchase and left.
That too was placed in the oven to bake with the other meats.

The humble beginnings of a special celebratory meal.

Veggie lasagne ingredients - some of them included seasoned granburger, bok choy, and bora bora beans.

 Peas and carrots were also invited to the party

Lasagne noodles cooking away.

Crackers for Baked Stuffing - seasoned with lots of fresh herbs and mixed with milk, garlic butter, salt and white pepper.

The final menu consisted of Veggie Lasagne, Rice and Peas with Gravy, Potato Salad, Baked Chicken with new potatoes, Baked Red Snapper, Stuffing and Cole Slaw.

See that glass of blue stuff? I'm not a drinker, but I do like a glass or two of non-alcoholic wine every now and again.
That blue stuff has a story behind it, and I'd like to share it with you.
Remember I told you about the friendly banter that goes on in any queue here on the island.
Okay, so I'm in the supermarket Express Line waiting to check out, minding my own business and the lady behind me peers into my basket and announces, "You should try the blue wine, it taste good."
Now mind you, I already have my favourite wine in the basket, but she thinks I should try the blue one.
After she went on some more about it, I decided I'd give it a try.  I asked her to keep an eye on my basket while I stepped out of the queue to collect a bottle of "the blue wine."
After my items were bagged, she announced again, "You going like it.  I like it. Merry Christmas!"

It's a French wine, so it can't be too bad I thought.  Well, well, well, let's just say it's nothing like my sultry tasting sparkling wine to which I'm accustomed.  For me this "blue wine" has to be an acquired taste.  I don't think I will be purchasing it again.
Moral of the story: Don't take advice from malicious people looking over the items in your basket in the supermarket line.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you enjoyed everything on your menu.
As for Brownie, he enjoyed his lunch a whole lot....I think I can still hear him smacking his lips in his sleep.


  1. That meal looks really lovely. You are so good to your pooch! As for blue wine I think that your 'adviser' might have had a very warped sense of humour or exceptionally odd tastes but someone makes it so, presumably, someone, somewhere drinks it.

  2. I'm sure the blue wine is loved by many people, and as you said that's why it made.
    Believe it or not by the time I came to the very last few ounces in the bottle the taste was beginning to grow on me.


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