Friday, 20 December 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Christmas is definitely in the air everywhere.
Folks are cleaning and painting and decorating and shopping for gifts wherever you go.
My Christmas tree is finally up, but not to its usual full size.  This year with Mr. BrownBerts in the house, it was necessary to work a different angle for putting up the tree.
Therefore, this year, not being able to set it up on the floor as usual, I decided to use my side table as a base, and use only two out of the three segments of my artificial tree.  This way Brownie can still relax in his favourite spot under the table and we can still enjoy the tree in its regular spot as well.

 Brownie in his favourite spot- his toys are in the basket under the table
"We all have to live together in harmony," I told my daughter when she bemoaned the smaller version of the tree.
Alas, it's just as pretty in full size or in a scaled-down size in my opinion.
See how my fellow blogger Angus in France tackled his tree problem with his two PON's here

 Smaller tree on my prized rotating stand
At first Brownie thought the Christmas stuffed animals were for him, but when I explained why they were there, he promptly jumped down from the chair and has not touched them since -  such a sweet dog.

Let's get closer.  I've used red and gold ornaments this year.
Large poinsettias, gold filigree stars and snowflakes, red and gold balls, angels and teardrops and a large gold bow on the top.

The tree is moving on the stand in these photos

My Christmas tree in rotating mode

Candy Land Central
My Jazz Santa officiating
If you know me well, you know somehow deep in your heart that my Christmas decor had to have a jazz aspect included.....well you were right.

My Jazz Santa in action
None of my music is stored in the "Cloud"....I don't see the reason why "anyone" should know what I listen to at 3am or whatever time I choose to listen to music.
Instead my cd jukebox is loaded up with Christmas jazz and other favourites like Debbie Boone, Luther Vandross, Alexander O'Neal, Mariah Carey and Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers, and guess who else is enchanted with the music.

Brownie relaxing in front of the speakers enjoying Christmas musical favourites.

I'm still cleaning and preparing, and hopefully by tomorrow I should have completed all the supermarket shopping.  I don't want to be anywhere near the crazy last minute shoppers next week.
I wish them all the best negotiating the crowds and the bullies in the stores.....rather them than me.


  1. As you know my Christmas tree is nowhere near as elaborate but it means just as much to me. Like you I hope not to be near the big stores between now and Christmas although, frankly, it's all relative and here in Napier it won't be unbearable anywhere except some of the time in some of the supermarkets.

    1. My tree means a lot to me because it was the first thing I bought out of my first productivity bonus when I worked in the corporate world.
      It is quite old now and has stood the test of time. Every year when I take it out I always think "this may be your last year dear tree," but when I fluff its branches and decorate it, it stands upright with pride and it always brings a smile to my face.

  2. Virginia, Your tree looks absolutely wonderful, colour- as well as size-wise and the candy corner is very hard to resist, I bet! Have yourself a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family and Brownie, of course! Martine

    1. Thanks Martine, I love my old Christmas tree.
      My friends and I all have a sweet tooth .....the candy is to satisfy their cravings when they visit.
      Wishing you and your Mum a wonderful Christmas too!!

  3. Your tree looks wonderful, and you're right, Brownie is a very good doggie. Our beagle Lucie is very careful around all the stuff sitting around for the holidays too. Something for which I am eternally grateful, as we once had a Brittany spaniel who was a one-dog wrecking crew!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your tabletop tree. That's where my tree is this year too. Just didn't have the energy to decorate a full size one. My motto: use the gravity method when decorating for the holidays and remember that what goes up must come down!

    Have a great holiday, xoxo

    1. It's such a good thing when our canine family members respect our treasured items in the home....
      Good girl Lucie.
      I like your gravity motto, I must remember that when I'm putting away my holiday season decor.
      Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for stopping by.


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