Sunday, 8 December 2013

What coconut allergy?

Most asthmatics like myself are well endowed with all sorts of allergies.  Allergy to this.....allergy to that....allergy to who knows what, we've got them.
It's ironic too that the foods we enjoy the most are the ones that we find ourselves most allergic to....what are the odds?

As a young adult, I remember my mum taking me to see the Allergist to be tested.  He was a nice doctor who told me that the Allergy Test pricks would not hurt but I would feel just a little sting.
He chatted away, asking me what foods I liked etc, and I told him all my favourite foods.
He said, "Well let's hope that you are not allergic to any of your favourite foods."
"As long as coconut is not one of them, I'm happy," I answered him.
He proceeded to test me for everything: coconut, corn, tomatoes, dust, weeds, and a whole lot more.
Well what do you know?  The coconut test on my arm had the biggest reaction.
Go figure.
Me and coconut were not friends, and according to his results, neither were corn, shellfish, eggs or tomatoes.
Tomatoes?  I can't have my fries without ketchup, what gives?
Anyway, I made up my mind there and then, that I was never going to stop being coconut's friend.  I would give our friendship just a little space, and that is what I did.
Instead of eating a lot of coconut pastries and breads like turnovers, I would have just a small taste.

 Coconut bread cake
My mum's words echoed in my mind, "Everything in moderation.  Too much of a good thing is no good."
I've lived my life up to now, still having a little bit of coconut every now and again.
Yesterday, however, I decided I would make some coconut ice cream.
 In the blender, I mixed, one tin of coconut milk with  one tin of condensed milk and about six tablespoons of grated coconut.

Freeze, and then blend a second time, freeze again, and it's all ready to eat. 
So far I've only had a small spoonful to taste......honest.


  1. You really are not going to believe this Virginia. I eat almost anything including coconut. What is one of my least favourite things to eat? Coconut. It's a very funny old world.

  2. Yes, I believe it....we Geminis are like that.


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