Monday, 7 April 2014

The Intruder

With kids on holiday for their Easter holidays, and it being kite flying season, the skies are filled with an assortment of kites, big and small, quiet and noisy.
The kids stake their kites out for the night, and it seems as if the noisiest kite was flying above my home last night as I fell into bed.
The noise was deafening, and it was no wonder that I had some difficulty falling asleep.
A little background jazz music from my trusted cd player on my bedside table did the trick.
I was probably asleep for fifteen minutes when my conscience detected a "Mum...."
If you are a parent, you know how your senses go into overdrive when you hear your child call your name in a scared voice.
Coming out of my "just getting to sleep" fog, I became even more aware of the fear in her voice...."Mum, there is a large centipede in the kitchen."
I jumped up in full combat mode.

 BOP insecticide spray - Low Odour Formula
Grabbed one of my hard soled shoes and my trusted can of BOP (which now comes in a low odour formula), and trudged out to the kitchen.
There on the wall, above the microwave, to my amazement was the biggest centipede I have seen in a long time.
The house was already closed and locked up for the night and I had no idea how this critter had found its way inside.
About 9 inches long and curled menacingly on the wall, as if daring me to come any nearer, I took a good hard swipe at the intruder with the shoe.  It fell to the ground with a loud splat, and I sprayed it to high heaven with the insecticide....thank goodness for the low odour formula....the kitchen was well fumigated for sure.
Brownie went into his protective mode and tried to pass me by to get at the critter, and I had to shoo him away.
 The Centipede Intruder
 My shoe went into "kill" mode and that was the end of that centipede who dared to come into my home unannounced in the middle of the night.

My mum always said that centipedes travel in twos, but after looking around diligently I saw no sign of a companion.
So it was I climbed back into bed, and this time fell asleep immediately.
Today my spray can will be put to use - time to spray around the property with some's been a while since it was last done.


  1. Oh dear. That would freak me out. I'm quite happy to deal with intruders and so on when I'm up and about but the idea of them wandering around whilst I'm thanks. And 9" !!!! We don't have anything like that here or in Scotland thank heaven.

    1. It may have been a female seeking a safe haven to lay her eggs....let's hope she hadn't done so before we found her.
      I see one centipede like once a year and they are never that big...this one was a BIGG one.
      The thing is when I went to spray the perimeter of the house today, I had run out of Demon, so I'll take care of that chore over the weekend.


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