Monday, 5 October 2015

Working hose needed - apply within

I have two garden for the front garden and one for the back....this saves me the trouble of having to drag a hose far distances in order to water/clean.
The hose I use at the front of the house is stored on the side of the house...the windward side, and so it gets the brunt of the weather.
It had developed two leaky areas which I never seemed to have the time or remembered to fix, until  I was soaked when I turned the faucet on.
Well I did "fix" it with two pieces of duct tape, but that only worked briefly....whoever said that duct tape could fix anything must have been dreaming. 
One day I decided it was time....time to fix the leaky hose....I had just been drenched once again as I tried to water my newly planted ginger lily plants.
It's kinda hard to stay dry while trying to get away from wayward jets of water....doing the dance of avoidance with spraying water everywhere may look like fun but in actuality can be very annoying.
First I gathered all my needed supplies.

What on earth is Mum up to now?  Hope she is not going to fix the hose.  I love to see her doing her best bobbing and weaving dance to get away from the leaky hose....tee hee hee.

Next I cut the bad leaky areas out.

Sure you know what you're doing Mum?

 Do you need my help?

 The Overseer was in fine form.

 Are you sure sure sure you don't need my help?

 The hose menders were then fastened on to the hose....after the approval of The Overseer.

Unscrew the hose menders, place the black tube fitting into both ends of the cut hose and then screw the hose menders back together tightly.

There!!  All done!!
Now I can water the garden and remain dry.
No humans or canines can snicker at my dance of avoidance anymore.


  1. Well,well, well Virginia now I've seen everything. I've never seen a hose-mending kit before. I, too, recently got soaked once too often and, as the leak was only a couple of metres from the end of the hose I now have a slightly shorter hose!

    1. The thing is I had purchased the hose menders ages ago, but I kept putting off the repair job.
      Every time I came inside all drenched I'd cuss at myself for not repairing the hose.
      The hose menders should be available in any hardware or garden supply store.
      Not sure a shorter hose would work for me, since I do need a longer one as is.

  2. PS I wish that I could till sit cross-legged.

    1. Cross-legged is my favourite sitting comfortable.

  3. I've made this same repair with my soaker hoses. Fixing them is much easier/cheaper than buying new ones. :o)

    1. I never thought I could use this method with the soaker hoses but now I definitely will....thanks Tammy!!


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