Sunday, 17 April 2016

Harvest Sunday

Last month when we attended one of the Sunday services at our "new" church, it was Harvest Sunday.
After the service, along with the usual refreshments, there was a display showcasing the artistic talents of the members.
God-given talents should be treasured and shared and this exhibit was the right forum for doing so.
All kinds of talents, hobbies and interests were on display. 
The Plant enthusiasts and Gardeners were happy to oblige.

 Beautiful flowering orchids


Bounty from the garden
I loved this orchid in this cute pot.

Photography display

Jewelry and carved wooden items
What amazed me was that I have all of these talents as well....with the exception of wood carving.
I made a mental note to myself that next year I will be contributing to the  Harvest Display as well....yes you can hold me to it.


  1. Looking forward to your display next year! Yes it is important to use the talents we have been given. so many times we think we are not good enough and dont even try, and yet if we practice we improve. i know you are good at baking....

    1. You are so right about us thinking we are not good enough and therefore not giving something new a try.
      Yesterday I cut a few tiles with an angle grinder...I felt empowered was something I always asked my male friends to help me no more.
      By the way, if some of your photos are missing from your blog, check if you deleted any photos from Picasa and that would be the reason...happened to me after my first year of blogging and it was tedious to slot them back into the posts...wishing you well with this task.


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