Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Making it work

There are times when I look in my pantry and I don't see anything that I feel like eating.
There are also times when I look in my fridge and the same thing happens.
Sometimes though, when I look in both places I do discover items that need to be used immediately.
Tins of foodstuff about to expire soon or veggies that are beginning to show their age (like me)...haha.
Last week I found a few wrinkly carrots, wilted bok choy, okras on the hard side, rubbery looking potatoes, pumpkin, cabbage leaves, plantain, frozen peas which my friend Joyce had given me ages ago and a few beans that weren't so green and crispy anymore.
Decision time:  Toss or keep?

Decided to make a big pot of soup.....and guess what?  That soup was the one of the best tasting soups I have ever had in my life.
One large chopped onion and some fresh herbs from the garden were also added to the pot and that soup was cooking "quick fast and in a hurry."

For good measure I made a few Bajan dumplings and added them as well.....absolutely lovely!!
Filled me up good and proper and tasted oh soooo very GOOD!!
It sure worked....worked like a charm.


  1. There's nothing like good wholesome soup made from all the bits and bobs of food left in the kitchen.

    1. I am always surprised at how tasty these thrown together meals are.

  2. Well done, you. It sounds fabulous! In fact, my mouth is watering just reading this! xoxox

    1. Wish I could send you some.....maybe one day technology will take care of my wish.

  3. Looks delicious and I need to do the same thing!

    1. Yes you should, you won't regret it....I promise.
      Soup made from leftovers is the best.


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