Friday, 8 April 2016

The Crucifix

In this hectic world that we live in, we hardly have time for ourselves.
We find ourselves in the hustle and bustle that we call life with hardly a minute to spare.
I am supposedly retired but my days are filled to capacity with lots of things to do.  Sometimes when I lay my head down to sleep I am tired beyond tired.

Early this morning there was a short shower of rain and then a beautiful rainbow appeared....a reminder of the promise.
I had a few errands to run on the south coast of the island.
A meeting of sorts.
"We can meet at Lanterns Mall at 10am," we agreed, and so it was.
A phone call later to announce that they were running late.
"No prob, I'm sitting here comfortably in the Food Court awaiting your arrival" I replied.
One of my favourite pastimes is people watching and I find great fun in wondering what they're really up to.
I could create a wonderful story just from seeing someone pass by.
As I sat waiting outside Subway on the upper level I found myself looking around and taking it all in.
Across the road the waves of the sea were full-bodied, blue and frothy.  Workmen were busy constructing a building in the "hot broiling sun" and I was happy to be in the shade with the sea breeze caressing my body.
 Cars continued to drive in and out of the car park below, and out of those cars came many patrons to mingle in the mall to shop and eat and work.
 It was still a bit early and most of the Food Court had empty chairs.
As I sat there, I was surrounded by folks going by, and couldn't help but overhear a few animated conversations of others around me.
I saw a lady come by to visit the computer store at 10.17am, but it was her exclamation that made me look at the time. 
"Wait, I thought this store is supposed to open at 10am? I don't understand this at all!!!!"
I smiled, because she accosted a young lady sitting at a table not far away from me "Do you work here? At least you get to work early!!"
I smiled again, I knew exactly how she was feeling.
 My table was positioned right beside the glass-encased elevator and I found it interesting to watch the mechanical workings every time someone rode on it.
It was then that I heard another gentleman sitting at a table behind me say quite loudly, "Man don't hurt you head wid dem, they don't spend nuh money...a whole night and all dem buy from my bar on a big Friday night was nuff water and two "dis and dat" (expletive) beers.
I smiled again....our language is very colourful and the best cussing one could ever get is from a Bajan ...or so I am told.
It was then that I saw amidst all the activity and the noise something that stood out and made my heart feel good.
Above my head and positioned on a column beside the elevator was a crucifix.
I have never seen anything like this before.
Someone, I have no idea who....perhaps the owner, a manager or a worker had placed this reminder of their faith high above so that one had to look up to see wonder.
I am wondering if it may have been an investor who said at the financial meeting of the minds, "I will not invest my funds except a crucifix is placed somewhere in the building!"
Whatever the reason, it was nice to look up and see it just where I was sitting.
A reminder of my faith...such a good feeling.

Update: April 15, 2016
I couldn't take it anymore.  I called the Mall Office and spoke to a very nice lady who informed me that the Director's wife who is of  Catholic faith insisted that the mall be blessed, hence the placement of the crucifix.....a blessed touch....mystery solved.


  1. Like you I enjoy people watching and Napier's cafés are a wonderful place to do just that.

    1. People watching is so much fun.....not in a malucious way just innocent observation.
      Sometimes folks come up to me too and engage me too...they were watching me too...mostly

  2. Wow, I never noticed that. Pretty cool. I do find for me personally a lot of the times I dont really take the time to look very far above eye level and then I miss things

    1. I would have probably missed it too if I had not been sitting where I was.
      Guess you'll keep an eye out for it next time you visit.
      Glad to see you.


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