Thursday, 14 April 2016

Whatever next???

On Saturday morning as I sat  in front of my computer "nosing" around Face Book and reading an interesting article that was posted, I was assaulted with a noise emanating from my desktop that sounded like one of the African snails as it lays dying after being salted.
A series of broken multi-coloured checkerboard squares appeared on the screen and my mouse refused to respond to any kind of movement.
What now?
To be honest my pc was working quite slowly recently, hanging up on the simplest tasks, taking forever to  boot up and shut down, and giving me cryptic messages every so often.
The deadly noise continued sounding more ominous by the second.  It was then that I jumped into combat mode...grabbed the phone and called my techie guy Sir Charles.
"Sounds like your hard drive is failing Vee," he said, "Shut everything down quickly."
Why is it that whenever you're trying to do something quickly it seems to take forever?
I finally managed to close the computer down by disconnecting the power cable and then restarting in safe mode and then closing down....phew!!!
I really couldn't afford to be without a computer since I had loaned my laptop to daughter dear whose laptop was down, and now my pc was on the blink too....whatever next?
Disconnected my poor baby and called my friend this time he had sourced a replacement hard drive online from Bajan Best Buy and he informed me that it would be delivered to him after lunch.
As I clambered into Beast and carefully placed my poor pc on the back seat I wondered how on earth I was going to manage without it.
Dropped off the poor pc and some funds with Sir Charles and headed out for a quick jaunt.
Visited the RSPCA to get some ointment for Brownie who was shaking his ears quite a bit as if he had a bug in there.  I could not believe my eyes when I pushed the many many many people were in the vet's office, I thought they were giving away free dog food or something. Since the new building has come into operation, more pet owners find themselves seeking veterinary services there. I was given a tube of Otomax for Brownbie and I headed back home after running a few more errands.
Back home, I realised that all I had left to go online was my Galaxy tablet, and so it was.  It's kinda hard to surf adequately on a tablet, even harder to write a blog post, but I did persevere until I was able to at least leave a few comments on a few blogs that I love.
Every day after that was painful...I really missed having my pc around.
Daughter Dear was very thoughtful and made me a lovely trifle to cheer me up.

 Running smooth as butter and ooh so much faster
Finally yesterday my baby was ready to come home.  It was up and running smoothly and my dear friend Sir Charles informed me I now have a Terabyte hard drive and much more memory which he so graciously installed as well.
So my baby is back home.  I am still busy re-configuring everything to my liking but at least I can comfortably write this blog post, surf the web, place online orders and download whatever I please.
 Thankfully he was able to retrieve all the data from my old hard lucky am I?
As always THANK YOU Sir are a life saver....hope you enjoyed the big dish of macaroni pie I made specially for you.


  1. Isnt it amazing how quickly we have become totally tied to the internet. Glad you are back up and running better than ever.
    PS I didnt know that snails made a noise when you poured salt on them.

    1. Yes we have become "TOTALLY TIED" to the internet...I can't even remember what I did before it came along.
      It's only the large African snails (pests) that make a dreadful noise as they are dying from salt crystals not the regular ones.


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