Friday, 1 April 2016

The Lion's Roar

I'm a doer...that about sums it up.  I have taken the Nike slogan "Just Do It" and ran with it over the years.
That is my mantra for getting things done.
Sometimes though, I put projects on hold because other projects get in the way.

The so-called "store room" that I'm clearing out is really my chill out room.  It only became a store room after my dear daughter moved back home several years ago and dumped all her belongings in there.  Now that she has moved into her dad's home, I have requested that she take all her "belongings" and "stuff" with her if not I will be charging a storage fee.  She wasn't enthused with my comment, but at least she has now moved most of her "stuff" out and I am beginning to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel....the room is almost cleared now.  
Soon it will be time to sand the walls (moisture problem) and apply the waterloc product then some paint and we are back in business.
During the cleanup, I came across many items that had been stored waiting in the "holding pattern" of To Do Soon.
 Concrete Lion Head
One of these was this concrete lion head which was given to me by my friend at the Home and Garden Shop stone works business.  I have blogged about them here before.
It was his first attempt at casting that particular mould and he was not pleased with the result, so it was scheduled for the dump heap.  That's where I come the rescue....saving it from an untimely death in the dump heap.....thank goodness the owner is a perfectionist like me.
I brought the lion head home over four years ago vowing to myself I would turn it into a doorbell.
I never got around to it until last week.
The thing is I couldn't for the life of me understand why I hadn't done this project before because I had already purchased the new doorbell as well.
Took the old doorbell down and cleaned the area.
Please don't look at the door, that is being scraped to be repainted.
It was time to mix the Cemix tile cement.
Smeared a nice big dollop on the back of the lion head and spread it out evenly making sure not to cover the hole for the doorbell insert.
Placed the lion head into position making sure it was level and propped it up with some pieces of lumber until the cement had dried completely.
It was now time to rewire the new doorbell.
The contacts on the old bell were too big to fit into the hole in the lion so I opted to discard them and make new contacts with just the wires attached to the connectors on the bell itself.
Made sure it was secure and then safeguarded it with some bathroom sealant to protect it from the rain.
All finished.
Another project taken care of....another 6999 more to go.
Now it's time to work on that door.


  1. You new lion door bell looks fabulous! Aren't you a clever girl? What a neat idea. xoxox

    1. Thanks CC...I have a few more stone projects to get around to and I will post as soon as they are finished.

  2. Replies
    1. I love it too...had the idea in my head for ages and just could not get around to take care of this simple project...hope I'm not becoming a procrastinator in my old age.

  3. That's a marvellous project. As I don't have doorbell (people just knock or even just walk in a shout 'hello') it would be bit OTT here.

    1. Thanks GB.
      With Brownie around, people can't just walk in and shout Hello....thank goodness. He picks up their scent at the gate. If they make it all the way down the driveway and to the doorbell outside my kitchen door I think he gets annoyed that they actually got that far without him knowing, so he barks like crazy.
      The doorbell chime rings three times so I can hear it even if I'm in my back garden.

  4. I love your doorbell.
    I sympathise with you being a storage facility for your daughter too. Between John and I we have five children and when we were at Missy's Garden they all thought we had heaps of room to store their goods - something I don't miss about now living in a much smaller house. Quite a few of their precious things, when told it was come and collect it or it gets thrown out, they decided they didn't want after all.

    1. Thanks Ros, I'd wanted to install that lion head for ages. I'm just glad I finally got it done.
      You made me laugh about your kids storing stuff at your house. They don't want it at their house but they tend to think it's okay to leave it at yours....that is until they realise their "precious" items aren't needed anymore.
      Daughter dear still has a few items to come by to collect but she has until the end of this week to do so...I'm not kidding.


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