Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A new year for new beginnings

Today, a new year,......... a new beginning.........

The first sunrise of the year 2013.

Happy Happy New Year everyone!!
May it bring forth the best of everything.


  1. WoW! One of the problems of living in a geological bowl here in New Zealand is that I don't see sunrises from The Cottage (unlike the view from my house on Lewis!). Although I did wake early on New Year's Day I went back to bed and it was full sun up when I eventually woke at 0738 (don't you just hate digital clocks?).

  2. I love waking early to greet the day, and I love the day to day sunrises that greet me back.
    I don't mind digital clocks...since I have all my clocks set 15 minutes fast anyway.


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