Monday, 28 January 2013

Horsey ride

Today, I witnessed a sight that I have not seen for a long time.  As a child growing up, it was a very common sight, but these days, not so much.
At various events where crowd control is necessary, yes, they are an absolute must, but gone are the days when the roads were littered with dung, due to the travels of the horses.
Horses belonging to the patrol branch of the police force.
Back in the good old days, (I never thought I would be using such cliches like the old folks) a friendly police on a horse was greeted warmly by the neighbours, with perhaps a glass of ice cold lemonade to beat the heat.  Not so anymore.  Gone are the days.
But then today, a quick glimpse out of my back window, and surprise, surprise, there they were..... riding through the neighbourhood downhill from mine.

Mounted patrol of the Royal Barbados Police Force monitoring the neighbourhood


  1. I don't know whether there are many mounted police left in the UK - I assume there are. In Liverpool there used to be a very large and popular mounted contingent and each year they had a show at the police training college. I used to be invited and enjoyed it immensely.

  2. I believe maybe only a few police stations have the mounted patrols.
    Every year there is a floodlit tattoo where the horses and riders display their many riding and tactical skills.
    They also play a big part in many parades and at funerals of dignitaries.


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