Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Time is flying by

Wow,  January is flying by already!  It's already day eight of the new year, and I have been busy trying to get some household projects completed, in between several social engagements. Everyone was trying to squeeze in the last activities before the end of the festive season.
Last Friday night, I found myself attending a wine and cheese party at a friend's house, who is a great cook and mixologist, so there was LOTS more to eat and drink than wine and cheese!!
I've also been busy painting, cooking and baking, and oh yes, gardening, which included relandscaping the hedge along the front wall.
I also found some time to fix my "no kink" hose. Please don't ever fall for this gimmick, since I've come to learn that ALL hoses kink, no matter what!
Brownie had not been well since Friday, and I became quite alarmed when he seemed to be getting worse.
Sunday morning, an emergency visit to the vet at his home for attention.  Seems as though I did not give Brown Berts the adequate dose for his worm treatment, so those buggers took a liking to my poor boy.
After an antibiotic shot and another dose of worm medicine, we came home armed with a 5 day course of antibiotics for him to take.
I felt so sorry for him, he was just miserable, and one look in his eyes told me, "Mum, I don't feel well."
Despite his ailment, he was still manning the house. Unknownst to me, one of my friends had stopped by on Sunday, and Brownie did not even allow him to open the gate, but stood his ground barking. Eventually my friend deposited the items he had for me in the mailbox and left. I received a phone message later indicating what had happened.  I laughed...here it was, my poor Brownie was "sick as a dog" as we say here, but yet he was still performing his guard duties.....so proud of him.

Baileys Bread and Butter Pudding

Banana raisin bread

When you're cleaning out hard to reach areas, you find the most amazing stuff

Some kind of moth

And here is the invalid on his way to a full recovery

Brown Berts feeling much better and keeping a look out for Brazen and his crew.


  1. Sorry to hear that Brownie has been under the weather. I hope he's well on the mend now.

    I would guess that the moth is a type of Hawk Moth.

  2. Brownie is feeling so much better. Today is the last day for his medication. He ate some of his lunch yesterday, and also some of mine, so he's getting there.
    I'll have to do some research on the moth, since I have never seen one like that before. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Hope Brownie is better now.

    I'm sorry but you'll have to eat all the bread and butter pudding yourself. It was one of the desserts I dreaded in my youth. (In those days one had to eat what was put before one - especially if out to dinner somewhere.)

  4. Were you watching me CJ? I did practically eat the entire Bread pudding by myself, with the exception of a small portion which I gave to a friend who came by to visit....shame on me!!
    Brownie will soon be back to his old self 100%....thanks for your concern.


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