Friday, 4 January 2013

Oh horror of horrors!!

I can't believe it!  I thought, surely I could not be seeing correctly.
I heard Brownie barking up a storm this morning. It was his monkey bark, so I looked out, and there to my horror were THREE monkeys scampering across the back wall.

Oh horror of horrors!!!

In the back of my mind, I thought maybe I had transported a monkey from our St.Joseph country visit home with me, unknownst to me.

Then again, I had missed Brazen and company for quite a few days, and I suspected that they were visiting another troop, but now they had inducted another member into their troop.

Oh double horror or horrors!!!

Brownie was not well during the night, so I did not want him getting himself all bent out of shape barking and carrying on over these pests.
He needed to rest, so I brought him inside and closed the patio door to obscure them from his view, but as I did so, I could swear I heard Brazen monkey laughing at me.
He has brought in reinforcements, I will have to do the same.

There he is sitting on the corner of the wall - barely caught this photo with my phone.

The Battle Royale has begun for the new year.


  1. A 12-bore is pretty effective! Barbed wire on top of the wall? I really do feel for you on this one Virginia.

    1. GB, the monkey trapper has a high-tech implement. He is a great marksman too! There are no long bangs, just a soft phhhthhhhew!
      As for barbed wire, they laugh at that...they just walk on by.
      One farmer I know of, would turn on his electric fence system to keep them at bay, but then they learned the time schedule for that as well. He had other animals that would be harmed if he kept it on all the time.

  2. Oh My!! Love your blog...
    And I worry about Skunks!!Hahahaaa....No monkeys here!
    Good luck with that!
    Donna (Texas)

    1. Hi Donna, thanks for stopping by.
      I spent some time reading through your blog Made in Heaven...enjoyed it.
      I've heard tomato juice is good for getting rid of the skunk smell on a dog after an encounter with a skunk.
      Thank goodness you have no monkeys to deal with. Actually I think I wouldn't mind a skunk.


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