Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Do not disturb!

As you know, Brazen now has two comrades at his side. Between the three of them, they are able quite expertly to terrorize the entire neighbourhood.
"No more fresh fruit for breakfast!" cries one neighbour.
"The dogs are going crazy!" cries another.
We are all up in arms.
The trapper has been called, but his vehicle is undergoing some repairs, so we have to play the waiting game.
Some of us, are playing the game all too well.

"Do not Disturb" 
Brownie keeping a look out 

I made this little video so you could see how Brownie's concentration can not be broken while he is in Brazen mode. Note how he looks at me with annoyance when I call his name, and then totally ignores me.
"Mum, go away, and leave me alone, I am looking out for that crazya$$$ Brazen monkey."

Brownie scares them away most mornings. They run across the back wall a little after 6.30am making their way down to the orchards in my neighbours' gardens.
In another 45 minutes, they retrace their steps along the back wall, sometimes sitting comfortably to munch on some foraged fruit.  Brazen takes pleasure in doing this and deliberately dropping the skins behind in my garden, making poor Brownie go crazy. He does not like anyone littering in his garden.

And so we wait.


  1. Brownie's certainly decided where his priorities lie. I feel frustrated just reading your posts about Brazen!

  2. Don't worry GB, all with be a-okay as soon as the trapper is on the road again. Brownie will keep everything under control until then.

  3. I love that shake of the head - so expressive!!

  4. CJ, you saw it too? One can read so much into that shake of the head. He means business, that one.
    I'm sure Ms. Ivy has her own mannerisms as well.

  5. Brazen is a pain in the butt! Good luck getting rid of him!

  6. I hope that luck will be on our side this time around. Brazen is VERY smart, and somehow always escapes the trapper. It's like Brazen has ESP or something....he always seems to know when the trapper is around, yet the others don't. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that we'll get him this time.


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