Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A wonderful start

Every New Year's Day, which is a bank holiday here, I am honoured to be invited to a good friend's home for a lovely lunch prepared by him and his wife.
I am expected to bring one of my world famous desserts, and I always do so willingly and happily.
It's always an enjoyable event with all of our other friends (in our age group), mostly from our partying days when we could take the dance floor by storm and put these youngsters of today to shame with their crazy antics that they call dancing, although now I have said that, I'm not sure ours differed that much.
It was a beautiful day.....a day to kick back and reminisce about the good old days, with good food, good drinks, good music, good company, and lots of good jokes, and tall tales.
On the way there, lots of folks enjoying the good weather and the sun, sea, surf and sand.

My friends live on the south coast of the island, which is home to one of our lighthouses, South Point Lighthouse.  I was shocked to see how the lighthouse had fallen into disrepair.  I remember as a child, my dad had taken me to visit, and the distinct red and white horizontal banded pattern had left an indelible memory in my mind. Now the design was mostly rust and chips of paint.  The only remaining operational lighthouse on the island stands at 89ft/27m in height with a lantern that operates three white flashes every 30 seconds.

South Point Lighthouse - the first built on the island in 1852.
The lighthouse was exhibited at London’s Great Exhibition in 1851, then reassembled on the island.
Height of focal plane 145ft

I didn't remember to take a photo of my "infamous" fruit cobbler, (I was having myself a good old time), but here is a photo of  another dessert on the menu.
 Hope you had a wonderful start to your new year too.


  1. The beach scene looks very inviting and the lighthouse is just as a 'proper' lighthouse should look from a distance anyway. I don't know if there are any red and white lighthouses left in the UK.

    I've never made a cobbler. The nearest I've got is a fruit crumble. Do you batter or crumbs?

  2. I felt so sorry for the lighthouse, especially remembering how it looked in all its glory in the old days.
    I think I will do a post on all the lighthouses in Barbados later.
    My cobbler is the easiest recipe I have ever made and it uses a batter. If you'd like, I can send it to you.


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