Sunday, 19 May 2013

A this and that Saturday

Yesterday was a day with a difference.  Even though we ventured out for our usual Saturday jaunt, we ended up doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and returned home even earlier than we normally do, since we had chores to attend to.
Surprisingly, there were no garage sales or "everything must go" sales, so we stuck to the west coast.
We stopped in at a local paint store that was having a 20% off sale and made a few purchases. Believe it or not the prices were way more than our favourite hardware store, and we mentioned this to the clerk, who then matched the price, so we left with enough paint to cover a small mansion.

We also visited a girlfriend who always has small palm trees growing under the shade of her fruit trees, where the birds drop the seeds in their excrement. Lots of small palms were available, but I was looking for one in particular with an open leaf frond. I found a small baby so it came home with me.

Potted it up right away and placed it among its new family members outside my kitchen door.

During the week I had cleaned up my "Palm Alley" and fertilized the palms as well.
My daughter had lodged a vociferous complaint about the fan palm in the middle which apparently was scratching her every time she passed.
You can see from the new cuts all the fronds that were removed to appease Daughter dear.
Next we went to the supermarket and did some shopping. I had forgotten my bottles for recycling, so I just topped up my cell phone, and bought some fresh vegetables and a few necessities, since Monday is a holiday.

It started to rain quite heavily all of a sudden, so much so that we arrived back home in a serious downpour.

Lunch for you know who was cooked hurriedly, and I also fixed a stir fry meal for myself.

Stir-fried cod fish with bok choy, squash, and broccoli made with fresh chopped garden herbs 

Served on a bed of rice
I also use  pre-made herbs in my cooking. I remember my Mum standing with fresh garden herbs on her chopping board making light work of them, adding salt and pepper, and then using to season whatever meat she was preparing.
Now, we can buy the already chopped herbs in the supermarket in either bottles or small refill pouches.

 The brand I purchased yesterday was Aunt May's (family business).
A Caribbean Chopped Seasoning blend with onions, chives, salt, hot pepper, thyme, marjoram, celery, parsley, black pepper, white pepper, ginger, oregano, nutmeg, garlic, cloves, and preserving acid.
I refilled my seasoning bottle (which I admit sheepishly is by another competitor) and replaced on the fridge.

Mr. Brownie ate his lunch, and then sauntered outside to do his business. It never seems as if he can avoid walking in the muddy areas after it rains. Back on the inside, paws were meticulously cleaned of all mud, (muddy floor) and then he settled down under the table to have his siesta at my feet.

In case you're wondering, yes, the secret melon was shared up. Here is my portion.

I had some for breakfast this morning, and it was quite tasty. Brownie was not enthused by its taste however, so he had a small sliver of cheese instead.

Yes, yesterday was a nice day. It was also the birthday of my dear friend who lives in VA, but was in London (shopping at Harrods I might add) on her way to Portugal.
Yes, a very nice day.


  1. Days like that are to be treasured are they not?

    1. Lovely care-free spontaneous fun-filled days....gotta love 'em.


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