Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Do you like your neighbours?  Do you like some and not others?  Do you wish you could recycle the ones you don't care for?
Most of the folks in the neighbourhood have been here from the beginning.. the late 60s and early 70's.

 All of the old neighbours  know each other well, and we have been here for each other through thick and thin over the years.
It has been my neighbourhood from a small child. This is where I grew up.
During the school holidays, when our parents were away at work, it was the retired neighbours who kept an eye out for all of us kids in the neighbourhood, and made sure that we were okay while our parents were on the job. We had to be respectful, since any of our elders could discipline us with a lash or two. No sense complaining to your parents, because if you did they would then share a lash or two as well.
We played cricket, climbed trees, rode our bikes, flew kites, plundered fruit trees, ran behind the icecream truck and generally had lots of fun all day long.
We were one big happy neighbourhood family.
One eventuality in life is that things change.  Change sometimes brings good, and sometimes it drags along the bad with it.
We have had neighbours that moved into the neighbourhod and settled in quite well with the flow of the community, and then there are others who have moved in and seem to think that everyone else has to march to the beat of their drum....just ain't gonna happen.
Our neighbourhood is our home, our respite from the crazy world, our peaceful space.
Before recently, the police force did not even know that this neighbourhood existed until some of the newer neighbours moved in....suffice to say, we are now on the police radar. 
It's still a nice quiet neighbourhood, and we are going to try to keep it that way.
Some of the nice neighbours have moved on, and are now living overseas. Some return every year to say hello.
The past few weeks, my old neighbour was back on the island to spend her birthday. A lovely surprise party was held in her honour, and we had the chance to sit and reminisce about old times. It was so nice to see her again.  We all wish she would move back into her old house again, but that's not gonna happen....what a pity.
Yesterday,  I went by to see one of my neighbours and she mentioned that she was having  a problem with her phone system.  We all know that I'm Ms.McGuyver, so I fixed the problem.
I love helping others.  She was so thankful.
Last night my phone rang, and she said to me, "Meet me by your gate."  When I went out to greet her she handed me a warm package.
When I came back in and opened the package, it was a lovely dinner along with a nice big slice of hot just-out-of-the-oven banana bread.  I enjoyed her "thank you" a whole lot.
That's what being a neighbour is all about...looking out for each other, and taking care of each other...having each others backs.
If we run out of sugar, we can borrow a cup. If we're having a problem moving a heavy item, one of the strong youngsters will be over to help. If we need a handyman, my neighbour will send her guy over on her time. 
No strife. No confusion. No making life difficult for others around you. 
If we're going to carry out noisy repairs or have a loud party, we do the neighbourly thing and alert others.
True genuine neighbours...our brother's keeper. No need for good fences to make good neighbours. We are good neighbours naturally.
Living in harmony is what a true neighbourhood is all about....our neighbourhood is our pride and joy.
I wonder when the newer neighbours will realise that they're living in a real neighbourhood and treat others with respect...let's hope soon.


  1. I can't say I really 'know' my neighbours where I live now (since five years). As it's a communal estate with a number of look-alike buildings with small rental apartments, people move in and out quite a lot. But for such an estate and not far from the city centre, it's green (spacious lawns and trees etc in between the houses), quite well looked after and on the whole rather quiet.

    1. My neighbourhood is quiet too, it's just that if we are not careful, the odd practices of the newer neighbours may become the norm, rather than the exception.
      I wouldn't live anywhere else, that's why I want it to remain peaceful.
      Your neighbourhood sounds quite peaceful and pretty.


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