Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Garden walk

Looking around in the garden today, I was amazed at how the grass is back up after a few showers. I was interrupted by a rain shower on Monday while I was cutting the grass, and since then we have been having quite a few intermittent showers.
Now today, the grass needs cutting AGAIN, so I'll have to start all over.
Remember it was I that pleaded for the rain to come and shower its goodness on my garden, now I'm not sure if I'm still on top of the world at its appearance or if I'm an ungrateful bastard.
I guess I'll be cutting grass every week from now on......can't wait.
But I love how the garden takes on a fresh glow after a nice rainy shower.

Potted fish tail palms settling in well after the rains.

New plantings along the back wall have all perked up.
My garden walk partner
Don't let him fool you, he is secretly eying that fresh pile of leaves by the garden gate.
Now that I have written the word "eying" it looks so strange.

That freaking monkey is around here somewhere.

 I CAN smell him in the air.
Show thyself you varmit!!
My fancy angelica and a West Indian holly (Leea) are also looking quite stunning.
 My old dog Snowy is buried under the angel statue.

 Portlandia in full bloom
Lots of unopened blooms as well
But the opened ones are the prettiest

Not wanting to be left out of the parade is my Grand Duke of Tuscany jasmine.
The first bloom after the dry season.

Thank heavens for the rain, my garden loves it.
I'm off to cut the grass.......


  1. As much as I like a nice garden, I'd never cope with having to do all the work. I'm allergic to grass for starters!

  2. I have a grass allergy too. I have to wear a mask while I'm cutting the grass.
    I love to take care of the I'm rearranging some potted palms outside my kitchen door.

  3. I, too, love my garden but on Lewis just by the sea with no shelter it can be a bit of a challenge at times.

    1. Each garden is different, and challenges always present themselves. I love your garden too.
      How are the fish?


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