Saturday, 11 May 2013

I'm sad

Yesterday morning, when I walked the garden, I checked on the little nest that I'd found the day before.
Mama Bird was at home and doing well.
In the afternoon when I went out to check on her, this was what I found......

.....a destroyed nest

I feel totally responsible for its demise.
Maybe....if I had not trimmed the palm fronds so neatly, the nest would have remained completely hidden from predators.
I knew it was not Brazen that did the was probably the Gray Kingbirds that did the damage.  I seem to be seeing more of them in the garden, and they are exhibiting a higher level of aggressive behaviour.
I'm sad that Mama Bird's home is no more, and her eggs were eaten....and that she has moved on.
I had given her my word that no harm would come to her home and its contents, and yet......
I hope that she is okay, and that I will see her again someday.
I'm so sorry Mama Bird.


  1. It's always difficult knowing how far to trim hedges and things back. We made the same mistake with the side hedge last year but by the time you see the nest the damage is usually done. It's still early in the year so there will be plenty of chance for her to lay more eggs and we'll put a little protective circle round her - wherever she is - so they hatch and fledge safely.

    1. Oh CJ, thanks for your comforting words, they really made me feel better.
      I will be keeping an eye out for her in my garden. I hope she returns someday.

  2. That's so sad Virginia. Nature is not for the faint hearted (any more than old age is!).

  3. Nature is definitely not for the faint hearted at all, and that's why I don't find myself watching many animal shows. I do like the Dog Whisperer though.
    As for old that's another story.


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