Monday, 13 May 2013

Mother's Day luncheon

I hope all the mums had a wonderful day yesterday.
Every year, my friends host a fantastic Mother's Day luncheon. The menu is carefully planned, and we all put our culinary skills to good use by preparing the best mouth watering meals available on the planet....I kid you not.
It was also the birthday of my girlfriend...yes, she with the centipede foot....remember her?
What made the day even more special is that one of my dear friends (the brother of the birthday girl), who resides in the US, is here on the island for a while, so we were able to get together and have a wonderful time. We are always happy to have him home. It's really his large crazy family that hosts the event. Over the years, I have been absorbed into his family and now they are my family as well.

Chocolate Cakes

I awoke early and baked two chocolate cakes and iced them for the occasion....and yes, I enjoyed the beaters afterwards.
We arrived early and some preparations were still underway in the kitchen.

Macaroni Pie ready for the oven and veggies for stir fry

Bajan Flying Fish being prepared the traditional way.

When everything was ready, what a feast......

Raw Veggie Salad along with Kidney Beans in a special dressing (chef would not divulge the recipe...said he'd have to kill us if he did)
Those kidney Beans were worth dying for..they were so GOOD!

Shepherd's Pie

My vegetarian plate - Savoury veggie rice, Macaroni Pie, Shepherd's Pie, Kidney Beans, Salad, Baked Chicken, and of course a small sliver of Roasted Pork for you know who.
There was also a Pepperpot made with various meats that everyone said was quite tasty.

Cakes Galore!
Mocha Chocolate, Fruit cake, CheeseCake, Chocolate, and Birthday Cake.

There were so many fun activities all around like karaoke and of course dominoes.

Forgot to mention that the birthday girl had to work, so she did not arrive until 5pm. She does not like the traditional Happy Birthday song, so we broke out into Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday to You!"
Imagine this: A house packed full of happy people jumping, waving hands in the air  and singing Happy Birthday to You! in a congaline style.
What FUN!

Of course I can't forget the bow wow of the house, who was so well-behaved for the event.


Happy Birthday J, may you enjoy many many many more.  I'm glad you liked your gift.


  1. Your chocolate cake looks absolutely yummy. It's possibly my favourite accompaniment to coffee. I absolutely love meals like that where one can have bits of this and that and I love beans marinaded. Sounds wonderful.

    1. The food was great.
      The chocolate cake is moist and made with a hint of coffee which brings out the chocolate flavour even more....I must send you some next time.


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