Thursday, 9 May 2013

Leave us alone please!

Today was an unscheduled gardening day. When I looked outside this morning, I could not stand the unruly look of a stand of golden palms that surrounded one of my garden lights.
It was time for a serious trim.

As I started to trim and cut off the unwanted fronds, I was accosted by a pretty little yellow bird. She was darting all around my head and dive bombing me wherever I went with the pruners.
I had no idea why she was behaving so crazy, until I spotted this......

....all neatly tucked away far inside the palm fronds.

Oh my goodness, I was disturbing Mama Bird from nesting.

 Can you see the details of this perfectly woven nest?  It's like a little cocoon of twigs, grass and what looks like strands from my wonder my mop was looking poorly recently. From now on I'm going to have to stick to my Swiffer Wet Jet mop.

Mama Bird was flitting all around and tweeting and making a complete ruckus.
"Leave us alone please!"
I  told her I meant her, nor her little ones any harm, and that I would be careful.
She flew off to sit on the trellis to watch me like a hawk.
At one point it looked like she was stamping her feet impatiently.

I think she may be a yellow warbler
I worked hurriedly, and her eyes never left me until I was finished.
As soon as I had gathered up all the debris, and told her I was leaving, she flew right back to her nest to settle back down.
Thank goodness, I had  finished trimming the palms in that area.

At least now I could see the garden light again!!When I looked around to see what other chore I could complete, I figured I would work on trimming the McArthur palms....
....until I looked closely.....

...there was a large nest nestled high in between the fronds.....looks like the nest of a Scaly-Naped Pigeon.
What's a girl to do?
I looked around for Brownie who was standing patiently by his favorite palms in the sunshine.
I loved how the rays of sunlight were all around Mr.BrownBerts in this an angel dog.
Yes, I had to give up on my plans for further palm trimming for the day....maybe tomorrow.


  1. I think it's a sign of a happy healthy garden when birds not only visit but want to set up house. They obviously love your garden and aren't afraid of the little angel.

  2. I'm happy to have the birds living in my garden. Their sweet thrills are a constant source of music to my ears.
    I found a dead dove under the jasmine earlier this week...I'm not sure if Brownie was the culprit or if it just died.

  3. After a couple of weeks with hardly a visit to Blogland I was trying to spend a few moments this morning catching up with your goings on. 'Twas not to be but I have at least caught up with this one and may have more luck later on today. I'm travelling home from Glasgow tomorrow. I think that when birds grace one's garden for the purpose of nesting one is quite honoured. I treasure all the sparrows that nest under my eaves regardless of what might be found when the tiles are eventually lifted.

    1. There are several other birds in my garden, but this was the very first time I had seen this cute little yellow warbler.
      I think she's moved on somewhere close by, since I saw her fly by yesterday on her way to elsewhere....sigh.

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