Tuesday, 21 May 2013

An evening with friends

Yesterday was a holiday here...Whitsuntide bank holiday.
It rained most of the day, so I stayed indoors relaxing the day away. 
I didn't mind however, since we were having yet another get-together at my friend's house in the evening.
I love these get-togethers where we all hang out and have fun.  The past few weeks have been peppered with bank holidays, and we have made the most of them.
I baked another chocolate cake, since the hostess (Ms.Mixologist) did not have any of the last one, and I was forewarned that I could not show up to her house without chocolate cake....so I baked another chocolate cake just for her.
At the appointed time (6pm), we were all gathered, and the fun evening was on its way.
I had forgotten my camera, and only had my phone with me, so only managed a few photos of the incredible finger foods which she had prepared.

Potato balls, Savoury Meat Balls, Fish Fingers with a hot dip, Shish Kebabs, Meat Rolls, Miniature Party sausages, Cucumbers stuffed with tuna pâté, Miniature pizzas

Chocolate-dipped strawberries and fresh fruit cups

The orange skins from the sangria were used for fresh fruit cups
The above dessert photos were taken inside the fridge.
The "Jet Lee" shots
The "killer-miller" shots concocted by the hostess, Ms.Mixologist,....yes she of centipede foot fame.
Made with wild abandon: Courvoisier,  Hennessy, Tanqueray, Smirnoff and Absolut Vodka, Johhny Walker Black and Red Whisky and some others I don't want to remember.

The guys were welcomed with shots at the door to "make the hair on the chest grow" or to "kill off the worms inside".
And no, I did not partake of any of the "killer-miller" shots.  The other ladies and I stuck to wine, sangria  and other soft drinks.

Another wonderful evening with friends...another wonderful evening to remember.


  1. Never mind those shots putting hairs on ones chest I should think they would actually frighten the hairs so much they would leap out of the body at a great rate. I liked the idea of you getting into the fridge to take photos as well! You've also made me feel rather hungry.

    1. Well I haven't heard any of the guys complain for any more chest hairs, so it's all good I suppose.
      There was also a large pan of extra tasty strawberry cheesecake which I missed in the fridge photos.


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