Thursday, 20 February 2014

The new look "grass verge" Part 2

Time for a new look for the grass verge outside the front wall. 
Off to see my friends at the Home and Garden Shop.  Run by a husband and wife team who provide A-One service, it is almost impossible to leave empty handed.

All kinds of wonderful statuary and stone ornaments abound, and it's no wonder that items must be ordered in advance, since they sell quickly.

Friendly workers make everything available for sale from various molds.
I knew what I wanted.....second quality concrete pavers and balls.  If you are creative and love a messy project, well then I suggest purchasing the unfinished items or the second quality items....those that would not pass the scrutiny of a discerning customer, and finish them off yourself.
The large pavers lined up along the driveway.
I chose three different patterns since I don't care too much for monotony

The concrete balls

We have a decorative textured finish made by a local company, Trowel Plastics, which is used for coating walls. Most homes are finished with this product.  
I decided to give my balls a "finished look."
I steadied the balls on a brick and got to work.  Using an old paint brush, the product was brushed on all over the balls.
With my hand in a glove, I gave them a smoothing caress.

All three balls finished and ready for their debut.

I finished the stone pavers with a wash of natural colour solution.
Time to start the laying out process.  I had a staggered box pattern in my head, but it was hard to stick to it since the area is not squared properly.  I used a slightly different sequence instead, using all three patterns of the pavers.

Once again my dear ex-hubby came to my rescue and assisted in lifting the larger pavers and also to help set the balls in place.

After reading several online websites about the high theft rate of garden ornaments worldwide, I wasn't prepared to take any chances.

 I dug a big hole for the balls........

.........while he mixed a batch of concrete for the hole

Filling the big hole with the concrete

The balls setting up safely in their concrete bed.

For the pavers, I dug some shallow holes and sunk them into the earth until they were flush with the surrounding soil.
At this point I decided I wanted some smaller squares in between the bigger ones....dear ex-hubby came to my rescue again.

With a masonry blade on the angle grinder, he cut a few of the larger pavers into four quarters which would give me the exact look I'd created in my head.

Asparagus densiflorus "Sprengeri"
I knew that I wanted some kind of delicate fine textured flowing plant in between the pavers to soften the look....something I wouldn't have to worry too much about in terms of maintenance, and I decided on a rice fern to do the job.
The rice fern has spiny thorns and would make a good deterrent for those folks who "like" to hang around my property.

 My plant buddy girlfriends came to the rescue and donated several pots and pieces of rice fern for my project...thanks to Dawn, Eureka, Helen and Joan!!
Thanks also to ex-hubby who gave me a few baby plants as well.

Getting there......

I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel
Finally ........all done
I just need to find some more of the rice fern to fill in the remaining spaces.
I am so very very happy that I no longer have to cut grass in this area anymore.....YEAH!!
I can't wait until it is all filled in and looking lush and beautiful.
I promise to post an updated photo in a couple of weeks. 
Stay tuned.


  1. Looking G-O-O-D! Low maintenance and attractive....and as you said - No more mowing.

    1. Thanks Ros.... it took a little while to complete but now that it's finally finished, I'm happy with the look.
      Now it's only the front and back gardens I have to mow from now on....YEAH....make that double YEAH!!

  2. That looks very attractive. You've given me some ideas there Virginia.

    1. Thanks GB....I'm glad I've given you something to think about. It should help especially in areas with lots of weeds or muddy ground.


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