Thursday, 16 June 2016

Basil Herbal Tea

Boy oh boy do my true friends know me well.
My girlfriend Eureka sent over some basil flowers last week.  She had shared her basil herbal tea recipe with me before and I had enjoyed it immensely.
 Cinnamon, lemon, lime and Italian basil flower heads

 Boiled up a big pot of water and when it was bubbling hot, I turned the stove off and dumped the flower heads inside to steep.
Left it for the entire day.

 Later (about 8 hours later) I strained off that delicious goodness, added one tablespoon of sugar for good measure and stored it on the fridge.
Good for internal cleansing and as a tonic for the body. 
Served ice cold it was oh sooo GOOD.


  1. wow I often have basil going crazy over the summer and I never thought of making tea with it - I will have to try it - thanks for shairng

    1. Take my word for will enjoy fresh basil herb tea...let me know how it turns out for you.

  2. I love basil with tomatoes and when I use it to make pesto and in cooking but I'm not quite sure about the herbal tea. I may experiment if I manage to have a crop this year which will depend on the weather bucking its ideas up.

    1. Oh please try it and let me know...I only use the flower heads though, they're delicious made into a tea.


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