Sunday, 12 June 2016

Four bags full

A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend Cleddy showed up at my kitchen door with four bags full of delicious mangoes from her orchard.

I know where she resides has lots of monkeys and I wondered how she was so lucky to be reaping mangoes from her trees with so many monkeys around.
"How come the monkeys allowing you to get mangoes down by you?" I asked her.
"Vee my dear guess what?  We have put up some old cds and dvds in the trees..the sun shines on the discs as they spin in the wind.....the monkeys don't like the lights flashing in their eyes!!" she cried.
"Really???" I asked.
"Yes girlfriend since we tied those discs in the trees we have been reaping at least 4 bags of mangoes every day for some time now."
I couldn't believe it, could it be that simple or were the monkeys near her house simple minded. I certainly couldn't imagine my Brazen and crew fleeing from a few sparkly lights in the trees.  Knowing my crew they'd probably think it was a new disco opened up and start partying in the garden till dawn. Despite this thought I made up my mind to try out her experiment sometime soon.
In the meanwhile I had a ton of mangoes to deal with.

 Freezer filled with mango pulp
I shared as many as I could with my close friends, and the rest I pulped and stored in the freezer. I also shared a few bags of the pulped mangoes with daughter dear.
For breakfast I have been having mango smoothies.

Using about a half cup of mango pulp, I added a half cup of apple juice with a bit of water and then added a tablespoon of an oat shake smoothie powder....oh my goodness....DEE-LISH-CIOUS!!!!
Of course one may add whatever other fruits like bananas or watermelon or even a few veggies to the mix.

A tasty mango breakfast smoothie
Sitting at my desk as I blog, I am enjoying my healthy delicious mango smoothies....such a simple pleasure makes me happy and starts my day off right.
Anyone care to join me?? 

P.S. Depending on the variety of mango you may need to strain the smoothie since fibrous mango pulp does not blend well (as can be seen from the photo above....I used the strainer after that.


  1. I'm not a huge fan of mangoes I have to admit. They are rather sweet and the texture if the raw fruit isn't quite to my liking either. It doesn't stop me eating or drinking them though. I'm fascinated by the idea of the CDs. I know they are used to deter birds quite successfully but Brazens? It would be good if they did.

    1. I plan on making a few cd/dvd mobiles/chimes for the patio upstairs for the birds and then tying some in my trees and palms to deter the crew....we shall see.
      Would you believe two of the females just had two new babies? They're soon going to need their own population census.

  2. Mangoes are my favourite fruit - YUM. They cost $3-5 in the shops here. You are so lucky. You'll have to try the CD trick too and see if Brazen avoids your tree.

    1. One mango is $3...what does that equate to in US$dollars?
      Wish I could send you some...really I do.

  3. I love frozen mango blended with plain greek yoghurt. The trees here aways grow so high and in the summer there are plenty of mangos that fall to the ground - such a waste. No monkeys here.

    1. When I do buy yogurt I buy the flavoured kind...I will have to try some of the mango pulp with plain Greek yogurt...I think it would be nice....yummy.
      I can send you some monkeys...just send me the address....nah I wouldn't do that to you, they're real pests.

  4. Yum! :) I do like mangoes. They're a bit messy, though...

    1. Messy or not...I love mangoes...the perfect fruit for me.


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