Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Recycling of a different kind

Yesterday when I visited my girlfriend at work I had a little time on my hands.
Across the street from her workplace is an attraction that I had never had the opportunity to visit but had always wanted to do so.

The man behind its conception  Dr. Lawrence "Lance" Bannister is now deceased (October 1, 2015) but his creative handiwork lives on.
 Dr. Lawrence Blair "Lance" Bannister's Iron Gardens.
Located at Perry Gap, Roebuck Street, St. Michael.
Dr. Bannister was a medical practitioner by profession but he was also a poet and a dairy farmer as well a metal works artist.

When I think about it "Lance" as he was affectionately known, really was the first Bajan to embrace recycling before it became popular, and back in those days he was thought to be a bit eccentric.
I am in awe at his talent of transforming scrap metal mostly from old abandoned vehicles into beautiful works of art.
I didn't have time to go inside so I had a peek from outside instead. 
Peering through the beautiful metal adorned many items can you see?

As a child growing up, my dad and Dr. Bannister were friends and we enjoyed visits to his home.
I wonder how much more fun we would have had if the garden was the garden of today?

The magnificent horse sculpture.
His creativity and dedication to his hobby led to the birth of many amazing metal sculptures.

These photos of this large horse reminded me of The Trojan Horse of Greek mythology fame.
They also reminded me of a scary story my dad told us once about him driving home alone one night, when he saw a large horse blocking the entire road with it's tail hanging over one side and his head hanging over the opposite side of the road nibbling at the tree tops.  Said he heard a voice asking him where he thought he was going?  My dad had been out having a few drinks with friends so my Mum told us it was rubbish and sent us off to bed.

The creativity of a self-taught metalwork artist.

Inside the garden are quite a few sculptures, some of which are mobile sculptures made from all kinds of  scrap metal.

Dr. Bannister's artwork is also on display in other is a link to a critique on one of his pieces "Equus" and another link on the same piece.
His ingenuity knew no bounds.  Displayed at our local Foursquare Rum Distillery is a childrens ferris wheel in the play area also lovingly created by him.

I have made myself a promise that I will return to explore this wonderful garden with all its treasures sometime soon.


  1. well you learn something everyday. I had heard of Dr Bannister but I've never knew this garden existed. looks interesting

    1. Learning something new every day makes me very happy.
      When you're on the island again, you should pop by for a visit....the kids and the kid in you will enjoy it.

  2. That looks absolutely wonderful and certainly a place I'd love to visit.

    1. I will return for a proper visit and write a full post on the wonderful art pieces inside the garden.


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