Thursday, 16 June 2016

Carl is here!!

I know I've been keeping you in suspense about the identity of my house guest.
Well today is the big's my crazy friend Carl!!
He flew in on Tuesday and he will be on the island for a couple of months.
Brownie and I are happy to have him stay here with us.
I finished the new guest room just in time for his arrival.

Remember this bed?
He brought me my favourite snacks...a good friend always knows what makes me happy....he knew this was the best hostess gift ever because he's a snacker like me.

Brownie was not forgotten....oh no way!  Uncle Carl opened up his bag and out popped two new friends.   Yellow Squeaky Fish and Pink Nose Monkey as well as a Vegan Bone chew.
Brownie is enjoying his new bone chew immensely.
It took an entire day for Mr.Brown to warm up to Uncle Carl since he's is so over protective of me, but once he started getting a lot more tit bits and gifts he is becoming the best canine host.
Yesterday I made more mango smoothies for breakfast...they were consumed in the blink of an eye.  My mango pulp is getting low, I've got to put out a S.O.S.
It's so nice to have Carl here...we have been having long chats and lots of loud laughter and some serious discourse as well.
Brownie is super happy for the extra cuddles and the extra snacks and the extra grooming...he really is as happy as a bug in a rug.
As for me I'm super happy too because like me, Carl loves DIY projects and he will be helping me with my major summer chores....yeah!!!
Since Carl has been here, I have not seen Brazen and crew that makes me super duper happy.
Carl I am so glad that you are here...mi casa es su casa for as long as you like.
Thank you for being my friend.


  1. Amidst the terrible things that are happening in the world and which bring tears to my eyes for all the wrong reasons this brought tears for all the right reasons. I have said many times mia casa è tua casa (I can cope with Italian but know almost no Spanish - there's a story there too). I know only too well that that sits well with your ethos of life. Enjoy your time together.

    1. As you may remember when I am in NYC I am a guest in his home along with the homes of many of my other dear friends.
      They all open up their homes to me and I always feel welcome....they also know that they can stay with me anytime they are here on the island.
      Our world is in turmoil and it saddens me every single day at what we do to each other with no regard...makes me very sad....the younger generation have never known PEACE.

  2. I wanted to join to penny tunchez


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