Friday, 10 June 2016

For the record

I am celebrating for a week.  My birthday rolled around on Tuesday and even though I'm smack dab in the middle of my summer chores, the importance of this special day obviously took precedence.
On Sunday at church I was wished a Happy Birthday by the entire congregation thanks to daughter dear who advised the electronic ministry officer to include me in the greetings, so I couldn't hide.  It appeared in the Bulletin and on the TV screen display in the church during the Notices.
I made my trek to the altar during the Blessing and Recommitment hymn for a special blessing.
After the service so many members came up to me and hugged me and wished me a Happy Birthday.
Desserts were available for sale (The Fish Fry was the evening before) so daughter dear bought me a lovely big slice of cake laden with chocolate and caramel frosting...yummy.
After lunch we watched a movie and chatted for a while.  I enjoy our chats ...I am happy that she is old enough that we can really converse on various issues that affect us.
On Monday my girlfriend gifted me with a "new" monitor for my pc.  It was one she no longer needed and the screen was much bigger than mine so she did the right thing. Along with the monitor she also gifted me with a lovely bottle of  Obikwa Natural Sweet Red Wine from South Africa.
Tuesday my birthday dawned with a hint of rain but it never fell.  My daughter and I set off for lunch which was good, followed by the most delicious cupcakes.  I had a Bailey's cupcake while she had a Red Velvet cupcake.  Sorry I have no photos.  Take my word for it the food and the cupcakes were delish.
We ate lunch at home this year. 

Brownie sitting patiently waiting on a morsel from daughter dear.
Birthday cards arrived along with numerous phone calls and Facebook and Whatsapp messages and calls.  Wow I felt like a celebrity.
 The guys treated me well with birthday funds and hugs and sweets.
Wednesday and Thursday I had to do some kind of work around the house.....not too much but just enough, after all I didn't want to get lazy.  I am working on my daughter's old room turning it into a spa-like guest room retreat....yes I have a guest coming by soon.
Today is Friday and I'm off and running again.
This month is filled with lots of birthdays...eleven in all so I am also sending birthday greetings to my friends.
I thank God for blessing me with another year of life...I am so very very thankful.


  1. Interesting post, Virginia, on various levels. You still have a PC (a small point but I think you are the last person I know who hasn't converted to a laptop). It sounds as though it could have been a significant Birthday or are they all treated with such importance? (mine generally pass almost without notice - this year's was an exception). I used to buy Obikwa a lot in New Zealand but I've never seen it for sale in the UK. Finally I agree we all have so much for which to be thankful.

    1. My dear GB, I have a pc, a laptop and a tablet to keep me connected.
      I favour my laptop for blogging and researching around on the internet.
      If it's just a quick check into my emails, I use my phone or tablet.
      My laptop I use in bed mostly.
      My pc is my workhorse....I don't know what I'd do without it.
      Significant yes...if 55 counts as
      I haven't tried the wine as yet but I think I will enjoy it....I will share it with my girlfriends when they pop by.


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