Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Guh so!!

Yesterday I had to leave home to run a few errands, one of them being the credit card bill which was due on the 14th which caught me by surprise.  It's usually due on the 15th or 16th but not this month.
I'd been so busy recently preparing for my guest arrival that a few things that needed to be taken care of had slipped by.
I wasn't even going to check the statement but some inner voice told me to do so, and when I did, that 14th jumped up from the page and slapped me in my face....good thing I double-checked.
Late payments are $75.00 and I couldn't afford to incur such a high charge, especially when it could be avoided. Believe me sixteen years in the banking industry has taught me well....that's how the banks make money...charges, fees and "monetary misunderstandings" on the customer's part. Heck I wasn't giving them $75.00 unnecessarily.
Thankfully there are two nearby branches where I can transact my banking business in comfort.
 The only problem is is that the parking area is small and lots of folks like myself frequent this branch to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
To this end an additional lot across the street is used for additional parking.
When "we" arrived (yes my house guest accompanied me), both lots were filled and there was another car ahead of me awaiting a space.
The other car found a space quickly while we waited a few more minutes.
Soon after a gentleman comes towards his van, gets in and starts the engine. He has to reverse out of the space even though it is suggested that you park facing out.
Normally if a driver is reversing out from the left one would wait slightly on the left side and await their departure.
Mr. Man reverses out all the way back and then instead of driving off on the right side to leave clearance for me to slip in to the spot, he drives forward on the left side again and shouts through his open window, "GUH SO!!"
I'm in shock...he is giving me the parking spot but instead of making the clearance and leaving so that I can reverse into the spot he is now directing me how I should park in the now vacant spot.
"I leave a good space for you so you can GUH SO!!" he shouted again.
"Thanks!" I shouted back.
My friend and I look at each other and laugh our heads off.
GUH SO can be translated as Go so (Go that way)....a very colourful language we have here on the island...some of it only another Bajan would understand.
So what did I do to avoid confrontation...I went so.
Thanks for the parking spot Mr. Man!!!  It was so kind of you.

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