Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mixed media

My friend GB recently posted about an artist exhibition by Emily Valentine that he attended.  She uses mixed media, mainly feathers to make her creations.
I have two pictures hanging in my office creatively done by some obscure artist using a mixed media of what else?  Butterfly wings.
I acquired these pictures at a sale many years ago. They were not by any well known, or up and coming artist, but they appealed to me. 
Brought them home, and wasn't sure where I would hang them, until I discovered that they looked very much at home on my office wall...and they have been there ever since.

Butterfly wing pictures

I know for sure we don't have all the various butterflies represented in the pictures here on the island, so perhaps the artist was an avid collector who traveled abroad?
I also had at one time, a few pictures that had been  created with various kinds of leaves, but alas, I gifted them to a friend who exclaimed that she just absolutely LOOOVED them.

I absolutely LOOOVE my butterfly wing pictures, so don't get any ideas girlfriend!!!  These pictures are staying with me.


  1. They are rather splendid Virginia. I wonder for how long butterfly wings have been used in art? Centuries I would guess. My Mum had a box from Brazil with a lid covered in iridescent butterfly wings. I think that they must have been treated before being lacquered.

  2. Your Mum's box sounds absolutely beautiful. A trinket box with iridescent butterfly wings on the lid would have been treasured I'm sure.
    Maybe I should have considered making an art piece with the crushed butterflies that I found?

  3. Those pictures are quite special and not too bright. Most of the butterfly wing art I have seen is a bit brash and gaudy.

  4. Yes, they are quite subdued and they blend with all of the colours that I use throughout my home....sand, taupe, limestone coral, natural and black.

  5. I hope the wings were found and not taken from live butterflies. They are beautiful pictures!

  6. I believe the butterfly wings were collected from dead butterflies.
    I myself could have made a few collage pictures with all the butterfly wings I find after a particular windy day.


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