Monday, 17 June 2013

A new kid on the block

Brownie has a new friend.
Mr. BrownBerts  is not like some others, who when new friends arrive in their lives, they tend to ignore the old friends. No he spreads his love around.....liberally.

New kid on the block - Elephant
I call him "Phant" for short

Not to be forgotten - old friends
Mouse only has one foot remaining and is hardly recognisable as a mouse any longer.
 Monkee has no eyes and  a sliver of a nose, but still hanging on for dear life.


  1. Oh dear. I'm sorry but the saying that came first to mind for me with this post was "with friends like that [i.e. like your beloved dog] who needs enemies?" LOL I hope YOU are still in one piece?

  2. Yes, I am still in one piece.....all I get are cold nose nudges and wet tongue licks, no bites.....thanks for the chuckle.

  3. Spesh's bitch Briagha (Gaelic for Bonnie) is the same with her toys. Does Mr B welcome visitors with a toy but then refuse to let go of it?

  4. He certainly does not welcome any visitors with his toys. He keeps them well secured. He does meet visitors with some loud barks and excited yelps.


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