Wednesday, 26 June 2013

An evening snack

Brazen and his crew have been keeping a somewhat low profile recently.
They do put in an appearance very early in the morning, but then I seem to miss them when they make their second trek along the wall in the evening.
As dusk was falling one evening recently, I heard Brownie barking quite loudly.
Looking out, I saw the crew making their way back across my neighbour's wall.  Brazen had in his hand a large ripe mango that appeared to be almost as big as him.

Sitting contentedly enjoying a ripe mango on my neighbour's wall

He was really "going to town" (*) on that mango

What amazes me, is that I never see them sharing with each other.
If only one of them has found something to eat, he/she seems to enjoy savouring it in front of the others.  This is exactly what he was doing, while the other members of his crew sat and watched with dry mouths.

He caught sight of me, and in his excitement, he dropped his evening snack.


.......before I could say, "Jack Robinson!", he was off the wall in a single bound.
He grabbed his fruit up quickly and disappeared swiftly into the brush, where I presume he finished it off and then went to bed with a very full stomach.
(*) relishing/gouging


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Hi Virginia, I'm so embarrassed, I didn't know monkeys live in Barbados! Live and learn, eh?

    It's true though, they never share, they eat and show off to the others.

    Haha, we had a dog called Brownie too. He was the most self-pitying dog I've ever known :-D

    1. Hello Guyana-Gyal, so nice to see you here.
      Yes, we have monkeys in Barbados, our local green vervet monkey which came from Africa back in the day.
      I told my Brownie about your Brownie and he gave me a sarcastic smile....that should tell you something.

  3. Why can i really really not like that monkey?

  4. I believe that Brazen and his crew are probably harassing other neighbourhoods as well, since no mango trees in this area have mangoes the size of the one that he was eating.
    If he would stop teasing poor Brownie, I would like him a bit better I suppose.


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